Hanging Garden revealed first video single from upcoming ‘Citylight Sessions’ EP


Finland’s gothic/doom shapeshifters HANGING GARDEN share the first single from their forthcoming live EP “Citylight Sessions”, due for release on April 19th via Agonia Records. The EP sees the band shifting towards intimate dark rock & atmospheric synth-pop on five remade tracks off “The Garden”. Watch the video for “The Fireside” recorded at Paja & Bureau at: 

On “Citylight Sessions”, the Finnish ensemble unveils a journey into the urban and the ethereal. The distinctive release showcases a series of alternative renditions of five tracks from their critically acclaimed album, 2023’s “The Garden”; bringing a fresh, atmospheric perspective to their signature sound. 

In an unprecedented move, HANGING GARDEN transforms its sonic landscape by stripping away the familiar cloak of gothic doom metal. Instead, the band embraces a lush symphony of synths, ethereal guitar soundscapes, and drum machines, creating an intimate and hauntingly beautiful experience.

“Citylight Sessions” was recorded during an intimate live performance at the contemporary gallery space of the design company Paja & Bureau. The juxtaposition of HANGING GARDEN‘s haunting melodies against the backdrop of Paja & Bureau‘s innovative design space creates an experience that is delightfully distinct from conventional music venues. The entire performance was filmed and is expected to be unveiled in video format with the EP’s premiere.

The mixing, mastering and cover artwork were done by Toni Hatakka.

1. The Journey (Live Remake)
2. The Four Winds (Live Remake)
3. The Garden (Live Remake)
4. The Fireside (Live Remake)
5. The Construct (Live Remake)

Toni Hatakka – vocals
Riikka Hatakka – vocals
Jussi Hämäläinen – guitars, vocals
Mikko Kolari – guitars
Kimmo Tukiainen – guitars
Nino Hynninen – keyboards
Jussi Kirves – bass
Antti Ruokola – drums

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