News Posts

Finnish musician Rioghan unleashes another captivating track and video with ‘Promises’, from her upcoming debut album ‘Different Kinds Of Losses’!

Finnish metal outfit Hanging Garden signed with Agonia Records for the next step in their career!

BEFORE THE DAWN unleashed brand new music video and song “The Final Storm”! And “Deadlight” is to be re-released on Stay Heavy Records!

Dark rock artist Sharone released her 4th and last single from the upcoming album ‘Morbid Illusion’!

After over a year of no metal concerts in real life, some of Europe’s greatest announced a massive siege upon the continent!

Australia’s Victoria K signed to Rockshot Records to spread her music around the world! Check it out!

A piece of Gothic music from Finland, clearly inspired by fellow country mates HIM & co…

Summer is over, most of the festivals have come and go… but September is here with a shitload of releases to keep you busy!


An AOTY list with the usual thrash, power and heavy metal suspects, but also a couple of surprises!

If Gothic is your thing, you might want to check these releases out if you haven’t yet. If you’re not a fan of the style, still check them cause these are good ones!

Album Reviews

4 years after ‘1755’, MOONSPELL releases ‘Hermitage’. The 13th release in the nearly 30 year long run of this iconic Dark metal/ Goth metal band.

Idle Hands’ ‘Mana’ is a goth rroch/heavy metal masterpiece that strikes more than one emotional chord.

Through the medium of metal Rotting Christ have achieved their musical art and this time they have nailed with perfection!!!

Letzte Instanz Germans do some storytelling with a warm voice and a tasteful musical environment.

The refined heavy guitars riffs are the secret key for Tribulations success ,always casting their magical moments with grim vocals, and rhythmic chord lines

Vintersorg takes us on a journey back to the roots of their musical journey that started in 1998… but with a little twist!

Middle Eastern inspired gloomy gothic/death metal…

Dim Days of Dolor album cover

Prepare yourselves for some overwhelming bombast!

“Romantikussen” op z’n horrors.