Arch Enemy (013 poppodium Tilburg) 2018

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Celebrating the release off their latest album, “Will to Power” (released with Century Media Records, for our review go here),  Arch Enemy went out on tour selling out venues by the hand full. This can be expected when a band like Arch Enemy takes the stage with Jinjer, Tribulation and Wintersun.

Jinjer (***1/2) was the band kicking off the evening, a Ukrainian group led by female vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk. They play a mix of Djent, hardcore and Groove metal. Even though it was clear the band was less experienced playing crowded venues they soon found their rhythm playing a gig worthy of opening for Arch Enemy. They played a lot of songs from their last album King of Everything (review can be found here) which was a big breakthrough for the band and now given their opportunity as an opening act they are starting to really get their name out as a band.





Captain Clock
Sit Stay Roll Over
I Speak Astronomy
Who is Gonna Be the One


Next off was Tribulation (***), a band from Sweden now they had something to celebrate, their album Down  Below had been released 2 days earlier (for our review go here). Weirdly they didn’t mention much of it, playing only one song during the concert. For me they are the odd ones out on this tour, a band playing gothic rock doesn’t really fit in with 3 bands playing with screaming guitars and fast solo’s. Nonetheless they played a good gig and it was clear the crowd enjoyed their songs.





Lady Death
The Motherhood of God
Suspiria de Profundis
Strange Gateways Beckon
The Lament



Wintersun (****), the 3th band playing that evening is one people were excited to see. They have a big reputation and are a great band to hear and see on stage. Their mix of melodic playing fused with death and black metal leads to songs that tell a story and carry a lot of feeling. They played a few songs from their latest album the forest seasons which has been released in 2017.  Wintersun is a great opener for Arch Enemy and the crowd loved the band although I think they can pull off a headliner tour.





Awaken From the Dark Slumber (Spring)
Sons of Winter and Stars
Loneliness (Winter)
Battle Against Time



Arch Enemy (****), led by ex-agonist singer Allisa White-Gluz, set down one hell of a show. Starting from the first minute of the gig till the last one they had the crowd in the palm of their hands. They opened with the world is yours one of the songs from the new album will to power but played a lot of older songs like ravenous and bloodstained cross. It’s great to see them switching new and old songs in their shows and not just focusing on the last two albums with Alissa. It shows Alissa can handle her own and is not just replacing ex-singer Angela Gossow but taking the band further. Another thing I liked about the show maybe even the tour in general is how the band stays down to earth and interacts a lot with the crowd even though half of the venues are sold out. It’s nice to see big bands staying humble to their fans, remembering where they once started and giving other bands opportunities to grow.





Ace of Spades (Motörhead)
Set Flame to the Night

The World is Yours
The Race
War Eternal
My Apocalypse
You Will Know My Name
Bloodstained Cross
Dead Eyes See No Future
The Eagle Flies Alone
As the Pages Burn
Intermezzo Liberté
Dead Bury Their Dead
We Will Rise

Fields of Desolation
Enter the Machine
Vox Stellarum



Pictures and photocoverage were provided by Ilse Van Looy Photography