Lost Society “If The Sky Came Down Finland Tour 2023” (Tavastia, Helsinki) – 11/03/2023

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Last summer, Finland’s up and comers Lost Society unleashed a very nu metal tinged album with ‘If The Sky Came Down’, and they’ve been touring Finland these past couple of weeks to promote that album in front of many sold out venues. Finally, it was time for Helsinki to rave to their music, and with them, they brought the metalcore youngsters of Balance Breach and alt-rockers Luna Kills for what turned into a showcase of what the future for Finland’s music scene looks like.

Luna Kills

To begin the night, Luna Kills took over the stage with their usually infectious energy and catchy alternative rock tunes reminiscent of the nineties’ alt-rock/grunge/indie rock scene. They really know how to hit you with both catchy, almost poppy tunes and riffage to rock out to like there’s no tomorrow. Frontlady Lotta jumped and danced around like always, while belting out some impressive vocals, supported by the talented musicians she surrounded herself with. Tasty guitar solos, groovy bass lines and driving drums, all coming together in the at the same time old school and modern sound that makes Luna Kills stand out among the rest. With tracks like ‘Honey Trap‘, ‘Liar, Liar’ or ‘i’m here for the drama’, they just have to make it big soon. And if they don’t, there’s something wrong with all of y’all earbuds.


  • Intro
  • Honey Trap
  • Dead 2 Me
  • Liar, Liar
  • deep cuts
  • i’m here for the drama

Balance Breach

Now time for something completely different! Balance Breach has been at the front of a new generation of metalcore stars in Finland, and every single gig of theirs goes off with a bang. The typical metalcore jumps, guitarists banging their heads as low as they can and regular quick spins are galore, and their brand of metalcore brings together the heaviness and melodies in an almost catchier way than before. The guys are gearing up to release a brand now album pretty soon, and we were lucky enough to get to hear all of their already released singles with ‘Overthrown‘, ‘Untouchable‘, ‘The Spark’, ‘Empty Eyes‘ and ‘Escapers of Paradise‘. Basically the whole set was a showcase of what is to come our way pretty soon, with the exception of closer ‘November‘ from their last album ‘Dead End Diaries‘. As expected, they got the already pretty full venue totally hyped up for the main act, which means a job very well done as one of the warm-up acts.


  • Overthrown
  • Untouchable
  • The Spark
  • Empty Eyes
  • Escapers of Paradise
  • November

Lost Society

By the time Lost Society came on stage after psyching the crowd out a bit with ‘Coming Undone‘ by Korn, the venue was filled to the brim and beyond. It was so damn packed! Since this was part of their Finnish tour promoting their latest album ‘If The Sky Came Down‘, at least half of the setlist consisted of the songs from that release. Every single song was played live, much to the excitement of the many fans that showed up. They kicked off hard with ‘112‘ and ‘Underneath‘ from that album, followed by the Lost Society classic and staple ‘Riot‘. And apparently the temperatures went up a little too much since they halted next track ‘If The Sky Came Down‘ because a fan in the crowd got unwell. Once everything got sorted out and everyone got the help they needed, the guys quickly fired up the track again and from then on they didn’t take the foot off the pedal. They stormed through their latest material with here and their favorites sprinkled through with tracks like ‘Artificial‘, ‘Outbreak (No Rest for the Sickest)‘ and ‘No Absolution‘. Of course, they also had to play the very emotional ‘Into Eternity‘ as one of the encore tracks, and wrapped up the set with ‘Stitches‘, featuring a guest appearance of Joonas Parkkonen, also better known as Johnny Cruz formerly from Santa Cruz. Fittingly so, they said goodbye to the tunes of Limp Bizkit‘s ‘Break Stuff‘, leaving the majority of the crowd breathless and at the same time completely drained and rejuvenated. We’re already looking forward to catching them at some of their summer festival shows like yet another appearance at Tuska 2023!


  • 112
  • Underneath
  • Riot
  • If The Sky Came Down
  • (We Are the) Braindead
  • Awake
  • Artificial
  • What Have I Done
  • Suffocating
  • Hurt Me
  • KILL (Those Who Oppose Me)
  • Creature
  • Outbreak (No Rest for the Sickest)


  • Into Eternity
  • No Absolution
  • Stitches (with Joonas Parkkonen)
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