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Ukrainian black metal project Drudkh unveiled the new track ‘November’ and announced the upcoming new album ‘All Belong to the Night’ to be released in November via Season of Mist!

Ukrainian stoner rock outfit Stoned Jesus signed with Season of Mist for their upcoming new album!

Ukrainian psychedelic stoner rock trio Somali Yacht Club shared the 2nd song “Pulsar” from their upcoming Season of Mist album “The Space”!

Tuomas Saukkonen teamed up with the Ukrainian pack Wolfanger on a new song in support of the brave Ukrainian people!

Ukrainian black metal outfit Drudkh releases the new single “The Nocturnal One” as a sign of resistance against what is going on in their country.

Ukrainian band Space Of Variations announced their upcoming new album and unleash a first scathing track and video!

Ukrainian WWI experts 1914 are back with yet another punishing track from their upcoming new release ‘ Where Fear and Weapons Meet’!

Ukranian WWI experts of 1914 unleashed the first single ‘…And a Cross Now Marks His Place’ from the upcoming Napalm Records album ‘Where Fear and Weapons Meet’!

Psych, surf and garage rock outfit Straytones unveil another track ‘Oh Sweet Seeds’ from their upcoming album with a summery music video!

Musicians from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine united, giving birth to modern metal outfit Feelament, to fight intolerance and segregation!

Album Reviews

With seemingly effortless vocal transitions and musicianship that surprises at every turn, Jinjer is back with the new heavy album “Wallflowers”!

With the unchained Macro, Jinjer defy any boundaries. It brings us a cocktail of how modern heavy progressive metal should sound like.

High quality product from Ukraine, check it out!

Female fronted modern metal from the lands of Ukraine.