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On October 14, 2022, Blink-182 released a new song called 'Edging' and announced a new album. Fans were going crazy and rumors started to occur. But no real news about the name or the release date of the album was given. On October 20, 2023, almost a year later, the new album was finally real. It goes by the name of ‘One More Time’. This is the first album with all original band members together again, but will this really be the last time? Time will tell, but we are in for an emotional ride and laughs along the side.

The album starts off with Anthem part 3, funny, as their show in Sportpaleis Antwerp started with Anthem part 2. The song talks about the end of one era, but also the start of a new one. Ending on the lyrics “I won’t fail”, the song gives some positive energy for the rest of the album.
Dance With Me is extremely catchy and will be stuck in your head from the moment you’ve heard it. The band started to play this song live as they are touring in the weeks before the album came out. They were surprised by the crowd that already knew the words by heart, even though the song was only out for a few hours.

Fell in Love starts with a clapping sound on top of a happy sounding, calm melody. This continues throughout the song. On top are the voices of bassist Mark Hoppus and guitarist Tom DeLonge, singing about a memory.
From the love song, we go straight into a song called ‘Terrified’. It sounds like this one is going to be a heavy one, hearing the low guitar strums in the beginning of the song. The verses are calm, but the chorus is loud and the heaviest rock song up until this point in the album.

One More Time, the title track of the album, but also the most emotional song of all, has generated quite some tears among the listeners of the song. The song tells the story of the band. A short summary of a heavy hearted song, but this one you should just listen to for yourself to capture its full meaning.
More Than You Know starts off with a piano part. Slowly, the guitar comes in, and the song comes to life. This one has the classic Tom DeLonge parts where he shouts the lyrics in short words supported by short guitar strums. This is followed up by Turn This Off!, a short 20-second song that shows that Blink-182’s humor hasn’t changed.

When We Were Young basically talks about what you would suggest from the tile. A straight forward rock song.
Edging almost sounds familiar by this point, since it came out a year ago at this point. This was the first time we heard Tom’s voice again in a Blink song since he left back in 2015. So this song will always be special that way. The song discusses Tom leaving the band and returning again, pointing out it was a mistake.

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got is a calmer song on top of a clean verse with a heavier guitar in the chorus. The song title is repeated quite a lot, and a lot of songs have already told stories about this; ‘’You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s over’’.
Blink Wave is about wanting something you can’t have. You keep thinking about it, and it hurts, but you know it won’t work. Yet you want it so bad. A song with a very catchy melody that follows the pace of the lyrics.

Bad News starts with Mark’s deep voice, before going into overdrive with fast strumming punk guitars. The rest of the song flies by fast.
Hurt (Interlude) begins with repeating a high piano note several times, giving it an eerie feeling. That feeling soon goes away as the band comes in and gives you this calm and dreamy vibe rock song.
Turpentine tells you about wanting to fit in, but feeling like you don’t belong. You are overthinking things, but actually you shouldn’t be thinking about those things at all. I also love the little joke in the end where they acknowledge that they pronounce the word turpentine wrong throughout the song. 

Other Side is another classic Blink-182 style song that we’ve heard throughout this album. Meaning straightforward power chords, clean vocals and pure punk rock. Varying between different paces and different energies.
Closer Childhood is a calmer paced song where the band talks about the early years and how time has flown by. A lot of us grew up with Blink-182, and to have a new album with all the members together again is simply amazing.

This album gives you the classic Blink-182 songs. They’ve grown up, but yet they haven’t. All the members have been through stuff and are thankful for being able to make music together with friends. Yet, they also haven’t forgotten how to laugh and to make silly jokes. ‘One More Time’ is emotional, but also fun. It takes you back in time, but also makes you appreciate what you have here and now.    

Blink-182 is:
Mark Hoppus – Vocals, bass
Tom DeLonge – Vocals, guitar
Travis Barker – Drums


  • Music / Songwriting 10/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 9/10
  • Mix / Production 8/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 8/10
  • Originality 9/10

‘One More Time’ is emotional, but also fun. It takes you back in time, but also makes you appreciate what you have here and now. This album brings you straightforward power chords, clean vocals and pure punk rock. Varying between different paces and different energies.

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