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Swedish heavy metal band Corroded teamed up with dark drum ‘n’ bass producer Zardonic and his friend Andy Malex for a killer remix of their track ‘Rain’ from the latest album ‘Plague’, released via Despotz Records!

The five ladies of Pirate Queen released second single ‘Ghosts’, the second single and title track of their upcoming debut album to be released via Despotz Records.

Introducing: Pirate Queen, the all-female pirate metal band that unleashed their debut single ‘Pirates from the Sea’ from their 2024 debut album set for release via Despotz Records!

Sparzanza are back! Six years after the release of their last album, the Swedes are returning with a bang with the brand-new single and video ‘Bad Motherfucker’, out now via Despotz Records!

PopularUK modern metal act Skarlett Riot tells you it’s ok not to be ok with their new single ‘Hold Tight’, another track taken from their upcoming album set for release in 2024 via Despotz Records!

Danish black metal duo Angstskríg releases a video for the single ‘Luk Dine Øjne’, another track from the self-titled album that is set for release by the end of this month via Despotz Records!

Danish black metal duo Angstskríg released new single ‘Midt i en Angstkrig’, mixing black metal with rap through rapper Jøden. Another track from their upcoming ‘Angstkrig’, out in March via Despotz Records!

Danish black metal duo Angstskríg returns with their sophomore album ‘Angstskríg’ and shares first single ‘Vishedens Ulidelige Lethed’ via Despotz Records now!

The Swedish garage rock ‘n’ rollers Satan Takes A Holiday unveiled the swaggering single ‘All Nighter’, another track from their upcoming Despotz Records album ‘Satanism’!

Swedish folk metallers Grimner release the dark and heavy 2nd single ‘Helvandrarna’ of the upcoming new album ‘Urfader’ in November via Despotz Records!


We talked with Angstskríg about their second album, how they feel black metal has lost its touch with its core essence and how they’re looking to renew some of that rebellious side, laughingly calling themselves the new Satan. We also talked about their upcoming 2nd show ever, which is this exact weekend in Helsinki, Finland at the #Horizon23 event!

We fired off some questions to Liv Sin to talk about their new album ‘Burning Sermons’ and the thoughts behind some of their work!

Read all about what this fantastic, talented and beautiful lady has to say about her band Liv Sin !!