Swedish folk metal outfit GRIMNER released their heaviest and darkest single ‘Helvandrarna’

HELVANDRARNA (The Hel-Walkers) is the second single from Grimner‘s upcoming album ‘Urfader‘, and it’s arguably the heaviest song on the entire tracklist. It’s a dark and riff-packed tune, reflecting the plot of the lyrics, which tells about the dead being denied entry to Valhall, Hel, or any other realm after death, and are forced to wander as corrupted, violent beings until the end of everything – Ragnarök.

Grimner is back, big time. This single release gives very promising feelings regarding their upcoming fourth album Urfader.

Grimner about the new single:

“This song turned out to be a unanimous favourite among the members of Grimner, much due to the fact that it’s a relentless track that pounds and hammers all throughout it’s entire duration. It really stands out on the record!”

“HELVANDRARNA tells a tale of dead warriors and common folk as they have been denied entry to either Valhall, Hel, or any other realm that ties to the afterlife. Not able to move on from the physical world, they wander the earth in rage, cutting down friend and foe alike, with no remorse. This dark story is told to the sound of relentless drums and heavy riffs that fits very well with the plot of the lyrics.”

Grimner returns with fire and power. Their roots and influences of Swedish death metal and their love of heavy and power metal is weaved together with enchanting folk melodies and pagan choirs to create their own unique sound once again – all sung in their native Swedish, as always. 

Helvandrarna (translated to ‘The Hel-Walkers’) is Grimner‘s second single release of the fourth full-length album ‘Urfader‘. The crisp and fresh new sound of this album really makes you hear what Grimner all is about. Thrashing guitar riffs, the mix of powerful clean and harsh vocals, pounding drums, all mixed with beautiful and distinct flutes and other folk instruments make for an atmosphere that fits the tales of the old Norse gods and folklore alike.

Grimner, founded in 2008, shows that the past with few years of silence and pandemics hasn’t been for nothing – silence means working. In the wake of a plague, Grimner emerge battle-scarred to release new tunes and tales to the world, inspired as always by ancient Nordic myths and history. At the same time, this album certainly brings something special to the genre.

It all started in the Swedish town Motala by lead guitarist and vocalist Ted together with the drummer Henry. The first demo “A Call For Battle” (2010) was sung explicitly in English but was soon to be replaced by their native tongue Swedish. As time progressed and new records being released (EP “Färd” (2012), acoustic EP “De Kom Från Norr” (2015), full-length album “Blodshymner” (2014), Grimner has steadily made a name for themselves. One example is being tour support for the legendary Korpiklaani during their shows in Sweden in 2015.

In 2016 Grimner released their praised album “Frost Mot Eld” (Despotz Records), an album that brought a totally new sound to the music community. The album received outstanding reviews world-wide, with songs that to this date have reached millions of streams. With the album and their fantastic overall concept, Grimner has been invited to perform at festival stages around Europe. In 2018 the band celebrated their 10th anniversary and releases a new full-length album “Vanadrottning” (Despotz Records) on February 9th.

Grimner is:
Ted Sjulmark – Vocals, guitars
Martin Boe – Vocals, guitars
David Fransson – Bass, backing vocals
Johan Rydberg – Flutes, mandola
Kristoffer Kullberg – Keyboards
Henry Persson – Drums

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