Kiberspassk released fourth single ‘Smorodina’!

Kiberspassk reveal another new song from their second studio album which is set to release via Out Of Line. Listen to “Smorodina” here:

Find the guitar play-through video for “Smorodina” on YouTube: 

The core point of the unique music of Kiberspassk is singer Baba Yaga, a madwoman of the highest power with a voice ranging from raspy curses over angelic melodies to Mongolian throat singing. Kiberspassk will be back with their new album “Smorodina” in 2022 to surprise those who are already accustomed to the style and sound of their first album, “See Bear”.

Natasha Pakhalenko –  vocal, throat singing, guitar
Anatoly Pakhalenko – keys, bass guitar
Alexander Roslyakov – drums
Irina Anuchina & Olesia Kabachenko – dancing girls 

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