AROGYA released their second video single ‘Dust’ from the upcoming album ‘Genesis’

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Arogya from Assam/India present you their second video single ‘Dust‘ from the upcoming album “Genesis”, which will be released worldwide on April 23rd. “Genesis” deals thematically as well as musically with the story of creation: the past manifests itself in their propulsive synth-rock that creates an 80s nostalgia feeling, while washed-out metal dominates the present and a fine pinch of dark pop stands for the future and is a true feast for the senses – sonically as well as visually. Produced by Chris Harms (Lord of the Lost), Arogya is the first-ever Indian synth-rock band as well as the first band from Northeast India to be signed to an international record label. 

“The new song ‘Dust’ is about betrayal from someone you love and trust, who destroys what you believe in. Its concept is applicable for how Satan leads and deceives an innocent soul, for treachery and lies in a relationship, betrayal between friends, deceit, and broken ties between family. It tells of how fake humans can be to one another (represented as mannequins in the video) and what you see of the human character can be fake painted on the outside, the real hidden on the inside. It is about how one’s love, trust & faith can be turned to dust.” AROGYA

Watch the video here:

Visual Kei elements bring even more playful lightness to the colorful potpourri of Arogya’s soundscapes, and the profound lyrics, sometimes shouted in a soulful clear voice, but also sometimes in heavy metal style and evil growls, deal with love, pain, transience, hope, and the effort to escape the inner darkness, just like life as such. “Genesis” lyrically offers a possibility of catharsis for the mind and sound-wise for the body, which explains the band’s name, which literally means “healer” in Sanskrit. The Arogya album “Genesis” can be pre-ordered here – the singles are available on all digital platforms now.

1) Sky Afar
2) Broken
3) Dust
4) Lonely Night Descends
5) Dark World
6) Misery’s Lair
7) Charade
8) Lies
9) Break Free
10) Throne

Vocals – Rain
Guitar – Deadnoxx
Guitar – Mr.G  
Bass – Bipz
Drums – Rui

Arogya – Facebook
AROGYA – Instagram

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