KIBERSPASSK from Siberia return with new single & video ‘Koza Rogataia’!


The core point of the unique music of Kiberspassk is singer Baba Yaga, a madwoman of the highest power with a voice ranging from raspy curses over angelic melodies to Mongolian throat singing. The new song ‘Koza Rogataia‘ interprets the Slavic children’s counting rhyme – horror stories about the Horned Goat, which comes for restless and naughty children. 

The clip shows the child’s fear of this folklore character precisely, but with the fact that at the end, the main character, instead of fleeing from his fear, finds a new friend in him,” adds Baba Yaga.

Natasha’ BabaYaga’ Pakhalenko comments about the new song:

The song is based on the ‘Koza Rogataia’ (eng. Horned Goat) – a Slavic children’s counting-horror story. According to the traditional plot, the Horned Goat comes for naughty children, those who misbehave, study poorly, and literally – “do not eat porridge”.” 

“In our song, we just developed this image, revived it, made our Koza (Goat) more grotesque and gothic, otherwise – how much this character frightens – it’s up to you to decide ;-).”

Stream the song here:

Natasha Pakhalenko –  vocal, throat singing, guitar
Anatoly Pakhalenko – keys, bass guitar
Alexander Roslyakov – drums
Irina Anuchina & Olesia Kabachenko – dancing girls


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