Erdling released new single & video ‘Deus’ as the herald of a new album!

What happens after the end of the world? When the twilight of the gods has left only dust and ruins? Watch here: 

Erdling ask this question on their latest single output, “Deus,” released by the quintet as the herald of a new album. The metal band, founded in 2014, doesn’t seem to fit into a specific niche, continues the Nordic-inspired lore of their long player “Helheim,” released in 2021, and once again chisels a hit onto the planet that gave them their name. Grounded and aware of its mortality and fragility is the central, and unfortunately also a contemporary theme of the next album, which has the potential to be Erdling‘s most remarkable album to date. 

This development is no coincidence: since 2021, Chris Schäfer, Max Nash, and Valeria Ereth have completed the East Germany-based band and allowed the formation to shine in new splendor after a radical line-up change. Singer Neill muses about the band’s evolution:

“We have never worked so harmoniously, intensively, and passionately on an album as on this one. With Max, Valy & Chris, completely new influences found their way into the songs – and the outcome makes us more than happy.”

Because one thing is clear: even gods can die – but they always rise again – like a phoenix from the ashes. And stronger than ever before. “Deus” is released today as a digital single via Out Of Line Music

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