Sparzanza are back! First new single in six years is out now!


Sparzanza are back! Six years after the release of their eights studio album; “Announcing The End”, the Swedes are returning with a first new single called ‘Bad Motherfucker’, out now via Despotz Records, and let us know what they’ve been up to all this time;

– ” just as the touring was over, the pandemic struck the world. Maybe you would think that it would make the band more creative, but after more than 20 years together the band needed a break. It might have been a bit long, but creativity is not something obvious, and it took a while for all the band members to get it back. But when they finally did it, they created this first single for you, a really hard-hitting punch in the face, a bad one, a Bad Motherfucker. “

Huge guitars, high-octane pile-driving energy, choruses that wind around melodies that you can’t get out of your head and a darkness that never lets up –  these well-known elements of Sparzanza‘s music has kept their career going for more than twenty five years; building career filled with explosive metal, prestigious award nominations, successful tours and radio appearances. The band is working on more new material and a new album will hit the market in 2024. They let us know:

– “We would like to thank our fans for their patience, we know the wait has been long, but this work pace has been what we needed to be able to give you the absolute best music that we could ever create”. 

Sparzanza members:
Calle Johannesson – Guitar
Anders Åberg – Drums
Johan Carlsson – Bass
Fredrik Weileby – Singer
Magnus Eronen – Guitar

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