Abbath and company came to Munich to show how black metal is done at the highest level. In their luggage came the American Toxic Holocaust and the Scottish Hellripper, who opened the night like two big explosions.

Swedish black ‘n’ rollers The Vice announced the release of their highly anticipated new album ‘Dead Canary Run’ to be released early next year via Noble Demon and shared a first single with ‘Grant Me Your Peace’!


Kvelertak wrapped up their “Krøterveg te helvete” tour in Trix, Antwerp with support from the Canadian hardcore punk formation Cancer Bats!

Kvelertak and Cancer Bats started quite the riot at Kulttuuritalo Helsinki some weeks ago!

Earlier this month, Kvelertak dropped by in Helsinki on their “Krøterveg Te Helvete tour 2023” in support of their latest album ‘Endling’ (released via Rise Records) and brought the house down with support from Cancer Bats! An event by TuskaLive and Greybeard Concerts & Management.

Kvelertak unleashed a visual spectacle with the short film for the track ‘Morild’ from their latest album ‘Endling’, released last month via Rise Records/Petroleum Records! Catch them raging all over Europe on tour starting this weekend!

Black ‘n’ rollers Black Pestilence is back with their chaotic sound and first single ‘The Devil’s Connection’ from upcoming album ‘Chaotic Wisdom’, out in September!

with a killer line-up featuring stellar acts from the underground with Satanic Warmaster, Ævangelist, Archgoat, Trollheims Grott, Heretic, Blood Chalice, Aesthus, Flame, Malicious, Medico Peste, Mörk Gryning and Avslut to celebrate their 10th anniversary!

Danish black metal duo Angstskríg returns with their sophomore album ‘Angstskríg’ and shares first single ‘Vishedens Ulidelige Lethed’ via Despotz Records now!