New Finnish festival this Summer: Hellsinki Metal Horizons 2022

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Hellsinki Metal Horizons, a club festival with eyes to the horizons, scouring the metalverse for acts that you don’t see every summer around every corner – instead inviting those that delight us with their progressive complexities, their thundering technical aptitudes, their modern propensities, or their idiosyncratic quirks.

Legends and rarities, favorites and oddities, Horizons is a new conceptual festival that’s here to provide an aural adventure to those longing for inspiring new flavors.

The main festival event will take place June 10th-11th at Ääniwalli, in the Vallila district of Helsinki, with a warm-up club gig at downtown On The Rocks, on June 9th. 

Hellsinki Metal Horizons is brought to you as a collaborative effort from Elektrik Products (EP) and EnslainHorizons can be seen as a cousin event to EP’s well-established and long-revered Hellsinki Industrial Festival incorporating the same high-quality visuals and venue trimming.

Meanwhile the partnership with Enslain – a metal ‘zine published since ’97 and a merch team that serves on the front line of events – ensures that the metal audiences are served up a tasty array of fresh metal slices.

Widen your metal horizons! 

And with the announcement of the festival, they unleashed the first 4 bands of the lineup and started to sell a limited amount of early bird ticket right here:


Leave your saxophone at the cloakroom; Norway’s kings of blackjazz have got you covered. Shining returns to Finland with their whack-tastic repertoire of hybrid metal styles to keep you on your toes and then subsequently knock you off them.


One of Finland’s most prominent and inspiring prog-metal bands, Turku’s ODDLAND are vaulting to the forefront of the international scene with their brilliant upcoming album.
A lot of dazzling guitar-driven prog, a bit of pensive groove, a healthy dose of djent – wonderful, we say!

Vulture Industries

Avant-garde to the max, with a smooth Scandinavian style! Norway’s Vulture Industries dropped jaws with their zany stage performance on their last Finland visit some 7 years ago. Now it is time for a victorious comeback!


The headlines will read: mythical beast spotted in Finland’s capital. That beast is Manticora, and trust us: they’re legit! Denmark’s premier progressive power metal act prepare for their long-overdue debut on Finnish shores.


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