The Big Stone Rock Fest 2017 tickets are going fast!

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The Big Stone Rock Fest is a brand new festival that’ll take place at Vehkala park in Vantaa, Finland on Friday June 9th and Saturday June 10th. Tickets are for sale since last Friday and are going fast. From what I understood, on the first day they sold 25.000 tickets! Which isn’t too surprising when you look at the impressive line-up:

On the Friday of Rock Fest we’ll get to go crazy on the industrial metal of German mastodons Rammstein, Till Lindeman‘s friend Peter Tägtgren from Swedish Pain and the Finnish Turmion Kätilöt! Warming up for the industrial metal onslaught we get some heavy metal from Kotiteollisuus, electronic music from Infected Mushroom Live and Finnish black metal from Musta Paavi.

On the Saturday of Rock Fest the headliner is Amy Lee with Evanescence. For now the only other names of that day that are known are Finnish metal gods Stam1na and old school hard rock band Peer Günt. More names are to be released soon…

Go get your tickets here.
For their official site go here and their Facebook go here.