Suotana released first single & music video in years with ‘Through The Mammoth Valley’!

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After five long years from their latest release, Finnish metallers Suotana have emerged straight from the everfrost with their new album Ounas I. This full-length release is an epic continuation of the journey its predecessor Land of the Ending Time began in 2018, and propels the band to a new height.

Last Friday, the band finally presented the first single “Through the Mammoth Valley” which comes with an amazing video recorded in beautiful Lapland. The song is now available on all major streaming platforms. The official and epic music video for the song can be seen here: 

The band states:

“As a band, we have been waiting for the moment when we can finally present new music to you. ‘Through the Mammoth Valley’ shows right from the start what Suotana is all about in 2023. It was already clear when creating our upcoming album that this song will be the first single. Musically, the song mixes the band’s old and new sound, and at the same time reflects the entire work of Ounas I. In the music video conjured up by a wonderful working group, the freezing air tore all the artistic talent out of its creators, and the end result can now be enjoyed.”

Originally founded in 2005 as guitarist Ville Rautio‘s solo project, Suotana‘s upward trajectory was not diminished by several line-up changes in the wake of their 2014 debut album, Forgotten Soil Of This Land. The sextet joined the Reaper Entertainment family after releasing their debut album Frostrealm (2015) and released one more energetic full-length album to critical acclaim, Land Of The Ending Time (2018). 

The new album Ounas I can now be pre-ordered on CD, Vinyl and as a special bundle with a traditional Finnish Kuksa:

1. Lake Ounas (The Beginning)
2. Through the Mammoth Valley
3. The Ancient
4. Legacy
5. River Ounas
6. Land of the Dead 

Tuomo Marttinen – Vocals
Ville Rautio – Guitars
Pasi Portaankorva – Guitars
Tommi Neitola – Keyboards
Rauli Alaruikka – Bass
Rauli Juopperi – Drums

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