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Danish black metal outfit Lotan announced their self-titled debut full-length to be released via UPRISING! Records in 2023 and unveiled a first single with ‘Ignis’!

Canadian extreme metal outfit Unbowed unleashed another single from the upcoming album ‘Colour The Soul’ with the track ‘The Holy Momentum’!

The Finnish melodic death/black metal outfit Se, Josta Ei Puhuta unleash a 2nd track from their upcoming album ‘Gehenna’!

Finnish melodic death/black outfit Se, Josta Ei Puhuta is back from the dead and unleashed a first single from their upcoming new album ‘Gehenna’!

Finnish melodic death/black metal outfit i Helvete release the single ‘Vihapuhe’ from their upcoming album ‘Sinisten Puiden Niitty’!

Brand new black metal outfit Modern Rites announced their debut album ‘Monuments’ (out in august via Debemur Morti) and share a first track with ‘Self Synthesis’!

The legendary Swedish black metal formation Mörk Gryning are back from their slumber and now signed to Season of Mist to release their upcoming new album!

Imperium Dekadenz is back with an epic atmospheric piece of black metal!

Canadian black metal masters Délétère are streaming their upcoming new mini album right now!

Eshtadur have announced Michał Łysejko as drummer for their upcoming European tour, check out the details here!

Album Reviews

Swiss black metal duo Ateiggär on the first studio album “Tyrannemord” incorporates something rare that makes their music one of a kind, this is a great Nordic-inspired piece of a symphonic black metal that comes similar to bands like Kvist. Out via Eisenwald.

Ymir’s sophomore release “Aeons of Sorrow” invokes the cold icy melodies of the mid-nineties Finnish black metal, mastermind Vrasjarn maintains the characteristic sound of the band and for this reason, the new album will appeal to many fans of the genre. Released via Werewolf Records.

Finnish renowned veterans L.L. (all instruments), and M.M. (Vocals and lyrics) present their symphonic oeuvre under the moniker of Pestilent Hex. Debut album “Ashen Abhorrence” finds its way into the magical hallmarks of melodic/symphonic black metal of the early nineties and was released with Debemur Morti Productions.

Finnish black outfit Moonlight Sorcery’s musical quest wanders across the creative hallmarks of the Scandinavian black metal, the debut EP “Piercing Through the Frozen Eternity” offers a refreshing and inspirational muse to fans of melodic black metal, out via Avantgarde Music!

I Am The Night has mastered its craft on the first full-length album “While The Gods Are Sleeping” what we have here is a supreme embodiment of the Swedish and Norwegian trademarks.

The Mist From The Mountains on its debut album “Monumental – The Temple of Twilight” brings many memories from the nineties wave of black metal.

Mystic Circle’s self-titled album delivers brilliant musicianship, arguably the eighth album is their most aggressive and melodic piece of black metal.

Frost on its newest album captures the whole gist of atmospheric black metal, “Winterblood” emphasizes the songwriting talent.

“Tales of Othertime” brings the dark and medieval fusion of melodic/dungeon in a style of their own.

“Pierres Brûlées” s a supercharged rhythmic album that offer a high-energy performance blessed with passionate melodies and the flair of the French black metal style.

Photo Reports

Steelchaos is always a fantastic event to get to take pictures at, especially with on day 1 shows from Satan’s Fall, Malicious, Flame, Barathrum, Belphegor and Sacramentum!

Festival Reports

Steelchaos is back at full force and we were there! With Satan’s Fall, Malicious, Flame, Barathrum, Belphegor and Sacramentum it was a great first day of this year’s edition!


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