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Frost – Winterblood

Frost on its newest album captures the whole gist of atmospheric black metal, "Winterblood" emphasizes the songwriting talent.

Finnish melodic death metal band Se, Josta Ei Puhuta is back after ten years – New single and music video Gehenna is out now!

Finnish melodic death/black outfit Se, Josta Ei Puhuta is back from the dead and unleashed a first single from their upcoming new album 'Gehenna'!

Most anticipated releases of December 2021

Last month of 2021, still some releases coming in December that are most anticipated by our team of writers!

Stormkeep – Tales of Othertime

“Tales of Othertime” brings the dark and medieval fusion of melodic/dungeon in a style of their own.

Aorlhac – Pierres Brûlées

“Pierres Brûlées” s a supercharged rhythmic album that offer a high-energy performance blessed with passionate melodies and the flair of the French black metal...

Modern Rites – Monuments

"Monuments" is driven by the innovative approach to black metal the songs encapsulates inventive atmospheric elements.

Rising Finnish extreme metal band i Helvete released the first single taken off their upcoming album!

Finnish melodic death/black metal outfit i Helvete release the single 'Vihapuhe' from their upcoming album 'Sinisten Puiden Niitty'!

Night Crowned – Hädanfärd

'Hädanfärd' is an imperial black metal album that defines itself by the lofty musical arrangement and the outstanding performance of the Swedish quartet.

Heathen Deity – True English Black Metal

Heathen Deity conveys the finest elements of the second wave of black metal there’s definitely no doubt about the majestic sonic craft and the ostensible Nordic...

MODERN RITES unveil debut album details and a first track

Brand new black metal outfit Modern Rites announced their debut album 'Monuments' (out in august via Debemur Morti) and share a first track with 'Self Synthesis'!