At the end of the last edition of Tuska Open Air they promised us to bring us an even more awesome and spectacular event in 2017. Since next year’s summer Tuska celebrates its 20th anniversary from June 30th till July 2nd, we were expecting much. After already an impressive list of names (HIM, Mayhem, Suicidal Tendencies, BrujeriaApocalyptica, Dirkschneider, Battle Beast, WintersunAvatarium and Anneke Van Giersbergen‘s  Vuur) today they deliver 3 interesting new names…

This time they pulled the card of the a bit more extreme chapter of the metal world. Biggest (international) name here is the English doom metal outfit Electric Wizard. Their brand of doom, influenced by stoner and sludge, is one that can count on a lot of approval by critics and music fans and I’m sure they’ll set the stage ablaze! Talking about setting fire to the stage: with one of the first black metal bands of Finland, Barathrum, there’s actually a literally chance of that… The band has been banned from Tuska twice uptil now for being too vulgar and destructive onstage and backstage. It’ll be interesting to see what’ll take place this time! And if that’s not enough, the psychedelic black metal band Oranssi Pazuzu get to take our minds to higher, extreme parts of the spectrum of this world!

If Tuska continues on this level it promises to be indeed an even greater edition! We’re looking forward to more announcements and will keep you updated of anything new considering this festival. Hope to see you there in about 7 months! Go get your “Early Crow” tickets on the site soon (might be a good Christmas gift)! In the mean time enjoy their after movie of 2016:

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