News Posts

In case you missed it, Norway’s pioneers of avantgarde/progressive black metal Borknagar released the single ‘Nordic Anthem’ last week, another taste of the upcoming album ‘Fall’ set for release next month and an absolutely empowering tune!

Avantgarde metal trio Imperial Triumphant dropped the new single and cover of Metallica’s ‘Motorbreath’. Out via Century Media Records!

With a first batch of 14 names, 2023-s Steelfest XI is promising to be quite the impressive edition again with a solid line-up of the obscure, extreme and underground!

Enslaved revealed the cover art for ‘Utgard’, new release date and their participation in a Norwegian online music festival!

Gig Reports

The celebration of the BlackJazz album by the Norwegians of SHINING at the Kafka in Antwerp was an intense orgasmic experience for your ears. Support came from local metal heroes Powerstroke.