First batch of names for the Steelfest XI line-up announced!

This year we finally got to experience the 10 year anniversary celebration that was 4 days of Steelfest in Hyvinkää, Finland. Despite regular problems along the way, we got the top of the underground and obscure metal scene in a relentless and unforgiving manner and we were all there for it! A couple of months later, the organization has now officially unleashed a first batch of 14 bands for 2023’s Steelfest XI line-up and what a line-up it’s promising to be going on what was revealed already!

With Carpathian Forest, Dodheimsgard, Varathron, Pensées Nocturnes, Ved Buens Ende…., Nunslaughter, Nattefrost, Nordjevel, Witchtrap, Sex Messiah, Utuk Xul, Infernal, Pest and Ymir we get again a mix of the legendary, the weird, the obscure and the exclusive, both Finnish and international, that we’ve come to expect from Steelfest.

Steelfest XI will take place from May 18 to 20 2023, a solid 3 days of in total 40 bands (so 26 more still to be announced). Tickets are now already available from here.

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