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Greek black metal masters Varathron unveil the music video for the track ‘Crypts In The Mist’, another track from their upcoming album ‘The Crimson Temple’, set for release next month via Agonia Records.

Hellenic black metal legends Varathron shared the single ‘Hegemony Of Chaos’ as a teaser for upcoming ‘The Crimson Temple album, set for release in December via Agonia Records!

Hellenic black metal originators Varathron announce their new album ‘The Crimson Temple’ set for release in December via Agonia Records and share some more details like artwork and tracklist!

With a first batch of 14 names, 2023-s Steelfest XI is promising to be quite the impressive edition again with a solid line-up of the obscure, extreme and underground!

Hellenic black metal masters of Varathron announce a live album, recorded at one of their biggest shows last year with a historic setlist.

Funeral Storm will present us with another classic piece of Hellenic black metal!

Album Reviews

Hellenic black metal masters Varathron are back with a majestic seventh album “The Crimson Temple”. An epic triumphant return that combines bombastic melodies and dark choirs and a landmark in the modern era of Hellenic black metal, out on December 1st via Agonia Records.

Yoth Iria’s new E.P. is full of bombastic melodies and catchy rhythm. Check it out!

‘ΕΚΛΕΙΨΙΣ (Eclipse)’ finds the Greek trio immersing themselves in the dark and mystical form of black metal.

Adraestia “Αδράστεια” has many layers like the rhythm guitar and the driven melodies, the vocals delivery also has many different pitches and they fuse quite well with the music.

Rotting Christ and Varathron, two bands who stood at the cradle of the Hellenic black metal scene finally come together on the most old school of formats: a 7 inch split vinyl called ‘Duality of the Unholy Existence’.

“VII the Chariot” is intense and full of compelling riffs, orchestra synth work and dramatic vocals.

Funeral Storm’s Arcane Mysteries is as much a tribute to Hellenic black metal as it is a testament to its legacy.

Patriarchs of Evil is a great follow up album to their previous offering, and Varathron has found the right balance of mixing folk melodies with raw black metal.