Shinedown ‘Revolutions Live Tour’ (BankNH Pavilion, Gilford, NH) – 19/09/2023

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If you’ve ever looked for a show that will have you adrenalized from the energy surrounding you, while also playing a beneficial part in raising awareness to mental health. I’ve got news for you. The Revolutions Live Tour is here. Shinedown hit the road with Papa Roach and Spiritbox on September 3rd to travel across North America to give us a show we’d never forget.  This is a show you’re not going to want to miss! In fact, you should grab some tickets right here

Hold on to your pants ladies and gents, it’s about to get heavy.


As soon as Spiritbox hit the stage and started to play you could feel the vibration of anticipation throughout the venue, granted they were the opener, but they know how to get the night started. It’s no wonder these guys (and gal) have blown up in the last 2 years. Courtney Laplante is arguably one of the biggest female vocalists in metal currently, and I don’t see that slowing down any time soon. Backed by Mike Stringer (Guitar), Josh Gilbert (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Zev Rose (Drums). You’re presented with a touch of electronica, guttural screaming, melodic vocals and heavy bass. The only wish I had is that they had more room on stage to utilize, but with what they had, they did well!

During intermission, I got to walk around the venue and let me just say that the Bank of NH Pavilion is probably one of my favorite outdoor venues. Everything from the sound system, the seating arrangements, the merchandise booths and even that bathrooms are so well done. The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating – it always feels like you’re seeing old friends when you’re here.


Hurt You
The Void
Circle With Me
Holy Roller

Papa Roach

Next thing I know, people are cheering as I see the signature mohawk of Jacoby Shaddix coming out onto the stage. From the second Papa Roach set foot into the audience’s eyes, until after they were off the stage, the crowd was fierce. Jacoby is most definitely in the top 3 of my list of favorite on stage personalities. The crowd interaction was some of the best I’ve seen out of all the concerts I’ve been to. At one point in the show, there was a brief intermission where they played a video on the big screens, and it was a suicide awareness video featuring Jacoby. It gave the information for the suicide prevention hotline and spread the message that it’s okay to have bad days, and you’re not alone. Throughout their career, Papa Roach has used their platform to talk about mental health, and how it’s affected them. At the end of the video there was a nice surprise. Papa Roach committed to donating a part of the proceeds made off of the 9/19/23 show in Gilford, NH and that made me even more happy to be attending that show. Overall, Papa Roach was phenomenal, and I can’t wait to see them live again.


Between Angels and Insects
Kill the Noise
Getting Away With Murder
California Love (2Pac cover)
Firestarter (The Prodigy cover)
Born for Greatness
No Apologies
Leave a Light On
…To Be Loved
Last Resort


After the hype of the Papa Roach show, the anticipation for the headliner, Shinedown, began in full force. I know one thing for certain and it’s that these guys always put on one hell of a show! They continuously amp up their performance, meanwhile creating a place of catharsis. It’s always mind-blowing to see how much power people on stage can have, and Shinedown is no different. When they’re on stage, the audience is captivated by their effortless, magnetic charisma, and they know it. Remaining humble, they thank their fan base for being there because without them, it wouldn’t be possible to do what they do and create the music. Aside from the high energy they bring on stage, and the close to flawless performance – what really blows my mind is the collective unity they can create. Having close to 9,000 people singing, pumping their fists and shining their flashlights towards the stage to light up the night… that’s incredible.


Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
Dead Don’t Die
I’ll Follow You
State of My Head
Save Me
Sound of Madness
A Symptom of Being Human
Planet Zero
Second Chance
The Middle (Jimmy Eat world cover)
Daylight / Get Up
Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)
Cut the Cord

Between Spiritbox, Papa Roach, and Shinedown, it was so easy to forget about the outside world – even if just for a little while – and submerse yourself into the safety of music. It’s a universal language. If you have a chance to see this show, I 100% recommend you get out there and see it. And if you see me, say hi!

Last but not least, if you or anyone you know is going through a hard time, or needing help the national suicide prevention hotline is 988 (in the USA). You are not alone, please reach out. Music is heavy, life doesn’t need to be.

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