Blink-182 (Sportpaleis, Antwerp) – 08/09/2023

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The wait was finally over. Getting my tickets more than half a year in advance, the day that I would see Blink-182 with support The Story So Far was finally there. Let’s check it out!

The Story So Far

The night started with The Story So Far. An American pop rock band from California founded in 2007. I have heard of the band, but am not too familiar with their songs. In true punk rock style, the band came on stage, singer Parker Cannon said hello, and they started playing song after song, creating an avalanche of songs to hear. The crowd was still a bit stiff, even though The Story So Far tried to start mosh pits, it didn’t really take off too much. The band was very grateful to support Blink-182 on their tour, saying that this was their biggest show ever. They provided us with 45 minutes of pure pop/punk rock to enjoy.


Empty Space
Things I Can’t Change
The Glass
Out of It
No Cigar (Millencolin cover)
Heavy Gloom
High Regard
Bad Luck
Upside Down
Big Blind
Keep This Up
Proper Dose


This show was many things. It was legendary, simply amazing, a combination of all different factors that made this show possible. Tom coming back to the band, Mark surviving stage 4 cancer, not knowing whether he would be able to perform again or not. Travis being back from a family emergency just in time for the show. But somehow this show happened and it was great. It felt like I was a part of history. The crowd was ready and loud, even before the band started. The band came on stage and from the first note, the party was on.

Their logo was on the square stage where they were performing. The crowd was divided in different areas. Even the standing area was divided in different zones, each more expensive than the other. This is not something that Blink wanted. They never wanted their shows to be extremely expensive. The problem is that a lot of people want to attend the show, and then ticket prices go up. As simple as that, as annoying as it is. They put up an amazing show, while worth the money. There was fire and fireworks, Travis flew up in the air and drummed some songs from high up. They threw picks and stickers in the crowd. Only in the standing area, of course, since it was impossible to get high up to the other areas. 

Blink-182 still had the pee pee and poo poo jokes, and it is amazing, it’s fun and humorous, and they know it. We are all adults, yet that fact doesn’t matter when you are at a Blink-182 show. That’s why they have a song ‘What’s My Age Again’. They played all the classics you could’ve asked for like All the Small Things, I Miss You, Always, First Date and closer Dammit. New song Edging was there as well. Their new album ‘One More Time‘ will be out on October 20, 2023. Talk about an emotional title. 


Anthem Part Two
The Rock Show
Family Reunion
Man Overboard
Feeling This
Reckless Abandon
Up All Night
Dysentery Gary
Aliens Exist
Happy Holidays, You Bastard
Happy Holidays, You Bastard (Faster)
Stay Together for the Kids
Bored to Death
I Miss You
Adam’s Song
Ghost on the Dance Floor
What’s My Age Again
First Date
All The Small Things

All in all, this show was a great experience. An experience I thought I would never get. But since they are all back together now, I would say; see them while you can. It’s definitely worth the wait and the money.

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