Photo Reports

On a Sunday autumn evening in Finland we saw total Polish death metal takeover of On The Rocks Helsinki with Vader, Hate and Thy Disease at on of the stops on the “Final Declaration Northern Tour 2022”! For a Sunday, there was quite the massacre unleashed in the pit!

Album Reviews

“Rugia” is another welcoming effort from this Polish band that never ceases to impress the old and the new fans.

“Saint Desecration” is dynamically fueled by the fires of hell this yet another great album by the Polish quartet Azarath!

‘Solitude in Madness’ highlights a notable shift in style to the mid-00s. Therefore there’s remarkable brutality and ultimate aggression.

Hate delivers yet another crushing blackened death metal album!

Vader simply understands how to employ the fierce tone of thrash metal and death metal together in one destructive blow.