Tomy Devogelaere

    Dynamo Metalfest 2018

    Dynamo Metalfest 2018 brought yet again a great diversity of music to the stage for a very sharp price! Check out our pics!

    Testament (Trix, Antwerp)

    A thrash metal night to remember... and even if you have a hard time remembering, here are some pics of the Death Angel, Annihilator and Testament shows to give you some...

    Antwerp Metal Fest 2017

    The visuals that came from 2 days of great metal fun at one of the nicest and biggest "extreme" metal festivals in Belgium!

    Vader – Immolation (De Kreun)

    Death metal at the top of its game!

    Headbangers Ball Tour 2016

    Pics of a headbanging time!

    Evil or Die Fest 2016

    Get sucked into how great Evil or Die Fest 2016 looked!