Abraham Alexandre and The Lumineers, blues and folk together hand in hand at a huge party at the Tollwood Festival in Munich last week!

The Hickey Underworld is back! After a break of eight years, they are ready to slap you in the face once again with their quirky alternative rock music. We caught them at their show at Great Gigs in the Park in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium together with the space rock/psych punk of Penus and poetry reading from Johan Sebastiaan Stuer.

If you are still looking for a great summer destination, here are 10 festivals that might make Finland the ideal place to go for you with #Horizon23, Rockfest, Tuhdimmat Tahdit, Nummirock, Tuska, John Smith Festival, SaariHelvetti, Dark River Festival, Hellsinki Metal Festival and Flow Festival!

Indie/Alternative duo isilmé released a magical video for the ethereal track ‘In The Dark’ that really takes you on a trip!