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Extreme metal supergroup VLTIMAS are back with another single, proving they bow to now one and remain undefeated with ‘Invictus’, another track from the upcoming album ‘EPIC’, set for release in a couple of weeks via Season of Mist!

Legends of the underworld VLTIMAS bring a righteous scorn on ‘Scorcher’, another single from their upcoming sophomore album ‘EPIC*, set for release in March via Season of Mist!

VLTIMAS flex their legendary might on their upcoming and much anticipated new album ‘EPIC’, set for release in March 2024 via Season of Mist, and unveiled a first single/video with ‘Miserere’!

American black/death metal outfit Malefic Throne, with members of bands like Morbid Angel, Origin and Angelcorpse, signed to Agonia Records!

New extreme metal super group Vltimas releases a first track to hear of what is coming to you next year!

A new extreme monster is coming your way, compiled out of some of the most prolific musicians of the scene…

4 more names were added to the line-up and 4 more are coming soon!

Day schedule, bands going, bands added and a pre-party… things can change quickly nowadays!


Album Reviews

Morta Skuld on their sixth album continues the dynamic pace of the music, ‘Suffer for Nothing’ is a high standard death metal album.

Gorephilia’s new release “In the Eye of Nothing” spews Cimmerian monolithic tones of the ninety’s death metal.

Skeletal Remains combines viciousness and brutality. The high-quality driven riffs and the grooves ooze from these tracks.

Cemetery Filth’s full-length debut is a raw ghoulish old school death metal experience.

Warp Chamber bends time and space and manages to weave a monstrous death metal album.

Abysmal Dawn return at last with their new Masterpiece, ‘Phylogenesis’.

Blood Incantation have definitely created one of the best albums of 2019. ‘Hidden History of the Human Race’ is laden with heavy and proggy death metal riffs, which are testament to the band’s prowess as tech death masters.

Cannabis Corpse lit a good doobie and delivered one hell of a death metal album!

“Teufelsbücher” is very brutal and ambiguous album. Rightfully mastered by the Chilean occultists of Unaussprechlichen Kulten who has released another massive record inspired by the Lovecraftian mythos.

Baest seems to continue in the same direction of the debut album but this time they push harder where they intent to sound more organic and raw.