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The Finnish festival Steelfest Open Air can be seen as one of the most renowned underground metal festivals in Europe with every year people coming down to the small city of Hyvinkää from all over the world. They also manage to offer us the best from the black, death and doom metal world every single […]

The darkest of the dark will of course also appear at the 2018 edition of Brutal Assault!

Summer is over, most of the festivals have come and go… but September is here with a shitload of releases to keep you busy!


The summer festival season is over, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of exciting fests happening over the next couple of months this autumn/winter in Finland with Helsinki Techfest and Kaamos Metal Cruise already this weekend, HKI SKEPU FEST V, Lost In Music, Steelchaos, Hellsinki Industrial Festival 2023, Fall Fest 2023, Black Box Mikkeli, Melancholy Mass Festival 2023 and Unholy Winter Fest!

Photo Reports

Second day at an exciting edition of Alcatraz we had a very black metal heavy one with Gaerea, Taake and Belphegor, old school punk with The Exploited, gloomy industrial from Godflesh and one of Finland’s favorite bands Amorphis!

Steelchaos is always a fantastic event to get to take pictures at, especially with on day 1 shows from Satan’s Fall, Malicious, Flame, Barathrum, Belphegor and Sacramentum!

The pictures of the first day of death and black metal at Steelfest 2019!

Festival Reports

Steelchaos is back at full force and we were there! With Satan’s Fall, Malicious, Flame, Barathrum, Belphegor and Sacramentum it was a great first day of this year’s edition!

First day of Steelfest brought one after the other high quality black and death metal band!

Our report of a magical journey to a weird and warm land, an unspeakable language, but most of all: an awesome festival!

Winter Days of Metal: The ultimate metal winter holidays! Grim and frostbitten, just how we like it!

Album Reviews

Austria’s blackened death metal act Belphegor conjures us a demonic soundtrack to Walpurgis on its newest album ‘The Devils’ which is the band’s strongest release to date. The eight tracks offer atmospheric and epic qualities without sacrificing any of their trademark blackened aggression. Out on Nuclear Blast.

Hate delivers yet another crushing blackened death metal album!

We reviewed Belphegor’s latest album, Totenritual for you, check it out here!