Steelfest Open Air 2019 – Day 1 (17/5/2019)

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Now that the days are getting longer and the sun reigns over Finland, it’s time again to steep ourselves in darkness to balance things out. Steelfest is here again, a highlight in the underground metal scene that brings both fans and bands from all over the world together for 2 days. The line-up is as strong as ever with this year surprisingly many death metal bands for a festival known as a “black metal festival”, the weather promises us a dusty and thirsty weekend and the beer is cold… I hope you’re ready for this!

With yet again the sun shining bright (somehow Steelfest is blessed with this kind of weather every single year) and bands like Disciples Of The Void, Trollheims Grott, Myrkskog, Advent Sorrow, Arkhon Infaustus, AntimateriA, Evil, Monarque, Seigneur Voland, Vargrav, Belphegor, Horna, Immolation and Mysticum performing, it shaped up to be a good day. Here are the pictures:

For our full report of day 1, go here:—day-1

For more about this amazing festival, hang around and keep an eye out on the site!

If you feel the need for a good soundtrack while you’re reading this, we got you covered:

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