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Metal outfit Venom Prison is back with yet another track from their upcoming album ‘Erebos’!

Venom Prison surprises with their 2nd single ‘Pain Of Oizys’ from the upcoming new album ‘Erebos’!

In anticipation of their new album ‘Erebos’, Venom Prison unleashed the scathing track ‘Judges Of The Underworld’!

UK’s death metal outfit Venom Prison announced their upcoming new album ‘Erebos’, to be released in February next year!

Album Reviews

With ‘Erebos’, Venom Prison steps into a new chapter of their career with a massive album that will impress a whole lot of people!

Hate delivers yet another crushing blackened death metal album!


February 2022 is yet again brimming with great releases, here’s a small selection of our most anticipated ones!