MetalDays + Belgian Invasion Announcement


MetalDays announced the first parts of their lineup for 2018!

Check it out (update 15/12):

More to be announced soon!

Be sure to check out the Belgian bands that will be playing at the festival:
Carrion will defile the mainstage and Turbowarrior of Steel will bring their turbothrash back to MetalDays 2nd stage again! Reject The Sickness and Hexa Mera play the Newcomer stage and will sell the festival tickets for our Belgian Invasion. Be sure to buy your tickets from the bands directly, to support them as well and give them a shot at an other show at MetalDays (2019). Warbeast Remains is a Newcomer stage band too, and our friends from Thurisaz and Saille will bring the 2nd stage some Belgian hell. Join our Belgian Invasion and support your local scene!

MetalDays 2018 takes place from the 22nd till 28th of July 2017 in Tolmin, Slovenia.
For more information check out their website and Facebook page.

Belgian Invasion

Join & invite your friends for the days you will always remember!! @ MetalDays Belgian Invasion 2018
GRIMM Gent & Festival ExplorersMetalDays 2018

What’s the idea? After our amazing trip and festivalweek of MetalDays 2016 and 2017, we will unite once more for an awesome metal holiday! Just like the past 2 years, our goal is to get our asses to Tolmin with as many Belgian metalheads as possible!

MetalDays is a festival in Slovenia that lasts for a week and is situated next to a shiny blue glacier river between the mountains. A river with metalheads on inflated crocodiles, dolphins and flamingos, an awesome lineup and non-stop metal parties (at the beach), metal-karaoke, fire- and striptease shows, cheap food and drinks, great cocktails, amazing weather,… MetalDays really is a metal holiday that everybody has to experience. The festival will present you a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, with only 12 000 festivalgoers, perfect to forget about all worries and enjoy your most likely best holiday ever!

Our Belgian Invasion offer:

— Transport with Luxurious bus —
x We leave on Friday 20/07, and we start our journey back on 28/07 (Back in Belgium 29/07)! (Time schedule will follow!)

— Festivalticket and Camping —
x Festivalticket
x Group Camping at a great spot on the MetalDays camping grounds, with our own private Dixi’s, waterpoint nearby and “Early Arrival”-update, to make sure we can set up our camp in time and that we have some time to get to know each other and the festival(area).
x Service before, on and after the festival by GRIMM Gent and Festival Explorers (JEKA).
x Extra activities / hikes / possibility to do outdoor activities in group (rafting, floating down the river, canyoning, kayaking,..)
x Belgian Invasion T-shirt
x Festival Brochure with all the info you need about the festival, lineup, Belgian bands and Belgian Invasion activities
x The festival ticket includes: camping, paycard deposit & system fee, unlimited mobile charging, festival info book & ear plugs, safe deposit, unlimited use of hot & cold showers

— Price —
x Festivalticket + Camping: €150 (Buy this via Hexa Mera or Reject The Sickness & support your local scene!)
x Bus Package including Festivalticket + Camping: €290
x Bus Trip: €149

x You will need to buy a “Moving In” ticket for the early arrival (1 day), at the festival entrance. We’re looking into the possibilities to get these for you too, beforehand. We’ll keep you posted!

JOIN US! Order your tickets at the festivalexplorers website.
Join the official facebook-event and the event of GRIMM’s own Belgian Invasion.

Stay tuned for more information and our preview!

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