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Let’s get ready for the new year: more heaviness, more epicness, more of everything… keep rocking!

Hallowed Be Thy Ink

A tattoo dedicated to a band that meant a lot in Nera’s life: Harakiri For The Sky…

What does Larissa Stupar of Venom Prison think about tattoos and what can she tell us about her own? Check it out here!

Hallowed be thy ink talks about the magic combination between metal and tattoos. In this column we share the stories of people with metal- and/or band tattoos, why they got them and how this band/music style made them stronger. Furthermore, we talk with metal artists about every aspect of their inks and tattoo art in […]

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Black and death metal all the way, from 3 different regions in Europe with Rotting Christ, Carach Angren and Svart Crown!