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The completely restored, expanded and definitive version of the “Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult” book is set for release by the end of November, but pre-orders are available now via Cult Never Dies!

Ivan Moody and Z2 Comics announce the upcoming ‘Dirty Poetry’ publication, coming in October, just in time for Halloween!

The best-selling heavy metal saga about Finnish metal outfit Sentenced is available now in English as well! Check it out!

Cradle Of Filth expanses its business from music into the comic book and action figure world with a series of releases!

Let’s get ready for the new year: more heaviness, more epicness, more of everything… keep rocking!

The GRIMM Reader

The title says it all in this case: Nikki Sixx’ new book is about his first 21 years of life. And what a rollercoaster that was.

An extensive depiction of an often overlooked chapter in the black metal history: Finnish black metal!

The story of a struggling musician, trying to get his band to make it big, at the same time keep his life together and fight an ancient evil…

A beautifully written story about something so horrible.

Combined with the album a great visualization of the stories told in the songs!

A short history of everything that Brian Slagel and Metal Blade Records did for heavy metal and why “Heavy Metal will never die!”