GRIMM wishes you a very epic new year 2019!


GRIMM wants to wish you a happy new year! Yeah, you! Whoever you are: random curious passerby, regular reader of our shenanigans, fellow music lover, band member, partner,… we hope you all will accomplish whatever you want in 2019 and will have a fruitful (musical) year! We are looking forward what the coming year will bring for us for sure!

2018 has been a way bigger year than we expected when we wrote a similar article like this. Instead of solidifying our foundations more, it seems we’ve been expanding activities beyond what we thought would be possible! We had some amazing shows at (Jeugdhuis) Asgaard like for instance Brujeria popping by for a gig during Summer, worked along with Bro’d Promotions & Shades of Black, one of the biggest organizers of the extreme metal scene in Belgium, to bring some impressive line-ups to stages all around (and are continuing this in 2019) and had a damn interesting year with our site as well. We even got to interview the one and only original member of Judas Priest, Ian Hill, at Graspop Metal Meeting this year, just to name one of the highlights! Go check it out here!

Our founders with Judas Priest bassist Ian Hill at Graspop 2018!

In any case, we would like to thank all who has supported us in any way possible for again a great year! Our dear volunteers, everyone who works behind the scenes to make everything go smoothly, all those who sacrifice some of their free time to help out, partners in both real life and digital activities, readers, visitors and so on! Onwards we go!

2018 was also a very impressive year on the level of album releases, one after the other day getting hit with huge and quality releases. We noticed a remarkable rise in albums and popularity even in our very own Belgian scene… Metal, rock, punk and all other alternative styles that we support are definitely not dying, on the contrary! For our editorial pick of best albums of 2018, go check out our article here:

Click on the picture for the article.

2018 saw also a quite successful crowdfund come to live to support us being able to continue all activities and upgrade our soundboard for the live shows. All who supported us in that, we would want to thank you again!

Now 2019, there are some big plans ahead of us with a possible upgrade of venue to bring you even better and bigger shows and a definite upgrade on the level of our website. Behind the scenes a lot of people have been working their asses off to get you the quality every single one of you deserve to get and we hope to deliver this the coming year. You will notice that the amount of activities and shows in Asgaard and events organized by us will go down a little bit compared to the past year, but do not worry, we are not planning to go anywhere but to the top! Just look at what we have planned already with our partner  Bro’d Promotions & Shades of Black:

For the site we hope to continue bringing you quality reads, interesting news bits and some of the coolest underground and well-known artists to your attention. Our metalbooze column Pick Your Poison has a couple of nice surprises in the works and some extra features will pop up on our site on regular occasions. So keep an eye on our site, our FB page and the Pick Your Poison FB page to stay updated!

And to end this, we want to reach out to you again… we are constantly looking to expand our teams for new creative input and helping hands. So are you passionate for alternative music? Do you want to learn certain skills? Accomplish certain goals? Be part of an awesome community? Don’t be afraid to reach out to us to see where you could help out, no matter where you’re from! You will meet awesome people (including bands), get to know really good music and have loads of fun along the way. Hope to see you soon!

Click on the picture to contact us!

Thanks again for any support you may already have given and let’s make 2019 a damn awesome year!

The GRIMM team

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