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Renowned French black metal entity Merrimack continues to unravel the enigmatic tapestry of their upcoming album ‘Of Grace and Gravity’ (out in March via Season of Mist) with the release of their second single ‘Dead and Distant Clamors’!

French black metal misfits Merrimack journey to the heart of darkness on ‘Sulphurean Synods’, a first single from their upcoming album ‘Of Grace and Gravity’, set for release in March 2024 via Season of Mist!

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French black metal outfit Merrimack returns with its sixth album “Of Grace and Gravity” managed to capture atmosphere, aggression, and memorable riffs. Out on Season of Mist Underground Activists since March 8th.

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Year 2023 is closing out and we at GRIMM have our sights set for next year and all the amazing shows and festivals coming up, but before that, let’s look into this past year in photos once again with a selection of Emerik’s favorite pictures, going from extreme and underground, to legendary bands like Nocturnal Sorcery, Horna, Nunslaughter, Merrimack, Pensées Nocturnes, Sex Messiah, Kalmankantaja, VV, Sick Of It All, Lordi, Michael Monroe, The Hellacopters, Possessed, The Mission, Lorna Shore, Kuvotus, Ingested, Voivod, Sodom, Watain, Burst, Full Of Hell, Demolition 23, and Brujeria!


In about 3 weeks, the eleventh edition of Steelfest will take place in Hyvinkää, Finland and they have yet again a very impressive line-up at this 3-day celebration of the underground!

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A day to the beach, dressed in leather.