Preview Brutal Assault 2017

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There is something amazing about European metal Festivals, and Brutal Assault is no exception. The brutal 4-day festival is held in an amazing 18th Century military fortress Josefov, located in Jaromer, to be exact its approximately 200 km from Prague. If you have never been to Brutal Assault let me try to explain how well organized and how amazing this festival and location is.

Ok, so maybe the process to getting your wristband that now is equipped with a chip to make things easier for you in the festival, is a bit dragging. You can wait in line sometimes for 3 hours, but organizers have brilliantly thought of a way to ease any stress from you having to wait in line. There is a beer tent close by and many many food vendors as well. Believe me waiting is worth every minute once you get your wristband, you are on your way to the most metal experience. Once you reach the entrance and zap your chip to get in, there is so much going on around you. You have more food vendors, merch tents, alcohol stands, and then you have the main stage!
Brutal Assault never disappoints when bringing in the most hardcore bands. Last year 2016 the line up was pretty awesome. Bands like Coroner, Cattle Decapitation, Taake, Obituary, and Septicflesh just to name a few. This years line up is very promising as well, with not to be missed shows of bands like Nile, Opeth, Possessed, Prong, Havok, and Devin Townsend!!!
The highly impressive Josefov fortress adds enormously much to the overall atmosphere of the metal festival. There are 3 different stages to be found there that all are in different locations, which brilliantly forces you to walk around to get a truly remarkable experience! The set up is well thought out,  you walk through the fort and come across beer tents, and vendors selling shades, leather belts, cd’s, seems like just about anything! You also have a movie room, where you can chill out and take a break in between waiting for your favorite bands to play, or catch a band you have never heard of or seen before. You can go in and out as you please, and in the small, and I stress small city of Jormer you will find some bars, and many vendors outside. The small town seems to come to life, welcoming all the metalheads  that make their voyage to Brutal Assault, much like is the case with Wacken every year. For more details about this awesome location and the different stages, go here.
Through the festival there are several options offered where you could put your head down for some well-deserved rest. There is a camping area that is completely free of charge for all festival visitors and even a VIP camp in case you’d prefer to feel safer or have some extra services. There are also several hotels in the neighborhood that work with the festival to give their customers a place to stay during the event. For more information go have a look here.
Tickets are for now still available with the very agreeable price of €86 in pre-sale for the full 4 days! Go get them here now before they sell out…
That is the beauty of Brutal Assault, you have the opportunity to see new bands and be introduced to something new on any of those 4 days for a surprisingly low cost. The festival is so well organized, that they thought of it all!! Brutal Assault does not disappoint. It’s a festival every metalhead should experience at last once in their lifetime. You get to meet people from all walks of life that come together in a 4 day fueled metal feast!!!
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