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Our companions of the Antwerp-based organisers Ondergronds spiked a lot of interest during last year, attracting a lot of great underground bands to Antwerp. The public response has been equally great, so it’s no surprise they continue what they do best in 2017. Lucky us, right?

So on January 26th, Het Bos will draw fans of gloomy, atmospheric shoegaze and atmospheric black metal alike since Les Discrets will take the stage. The French duo already released some highly acclaimed albums, such as 2010’s ‘Septembre et ses Dernières Pensées’ and 2012’s ‘Arriettes Oubliées’. Mixing shoegaze with post-black metal with a layer of post-rock on top, it’s easy to state that Les Discrets are on top of the game. 2017 marks another milestone: their first extensive tour and on top of that: a new album! Prédateurs will be released soon, so you might be able to hear some new material this evening… With descriptions such as ‘dark and romantic’, be sure to embark on an intense emotional trip.

Obviously, the task of leaving you behind with an uncomfortable, yet oddly satisfying mood isn’t handed to Les Discrets alone. To keep people interested they need variety, and variety is what Ondergronds gives us. This comes in the form of 2 other bands. Up first is a relatively young band. The Belgian/German outfit Cataya will delve into the world of instrumental post-black metal. Next to that, hailing from West-Flanders, are Thurisaz. These gentlemen play atmospheric black metal, intimate at once, unleashing fury next.

The event takes place at Het Bos (Ankerrui 5-7, 2000 Antwerpen) on thursday, January 26th.
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Some songs from the upcoming Les Discrets album, Prédateurs, have already been released. Check out the clip for the song Virée Nocturne below!