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Black-Out Bash, our partner festival in Geraardsbergen, has arrived at its 4th edition.

Picture of the Black-Out Bash crew of 2016

Black-Out Bash crew (2016)

The festival was founded in 2013 and is a collaboration between a core team of young metalheads, the city Geraardsbergen itself, the youth departement of Geraardsbergen and MuurRock vzw. Each year, the festival offers a mix of renowned international metal bands and emerging metalbands from Belgium.

The fourth edition will take place on Saturday, November 5th 2016 in “De Spiraal” (Geraardsbergen). The headliners are none other than Evile (England), Gama Bomb (Ireland) and Spoil Engine (Belgium). The lineup is completed by The Black Tartan Clan, Malism and the winner of the first ever Black-Out Jam: Hope Erodes.

The doors open at 15h30, and the first band starts playing at 16h. Evile closes the festival at 01h00, after which the afterparty continues until 04h00. As of this year, the afterparty will be taken care of by GRIMM’s own resident DJ, Mein Herz Bernd!

At the bar you can get standard beers, Duvel, cola, lemonade, water, energy drink and cava. The crew of Black Out Bash has also made a deal with a foodstand, so the visitors can, for example, get some delicious hamburgers!

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Hope Erodes:
The winning band from the first ever Black-Out Jam (2016), bringing a mix of metal and hardcore.

Malism is a group of five thrashers from Geraardsbergen and was created in 2012. Three years later they released their first eponymous EP Malism.

It will be their second time performing at Black-Out Bash.

The Black Tartan Clan:
The Black Tartan Clan is a Belgian “Celtic Punk Rock” band. They bring an interesting mix of melodic punk rock combined with traditional celtic sounds and instruments, like, for example, the highland pipes and the banjo.

If you’re a fan of bands like Dropkick Murphys and The Real McKenzies, then you should check out this band!

Spoil Engine:

Spoil Engine is a Belgian band that used to bring a mix of melodic thrash metal and metalcore, but as of late 2014 / early 2015, their sound has somewhat changed. This is most likely the consequence of the change of vocalist. Whereas the band used to have a male vocalist, dutch Iris Goessens has taken over that spot.
If you’re a fan of Arch Enemy, you will most likely like their new sound! You don’t want to miss this show!

Check out our review of their latest EP: Stormsleeper.

Gama Bomb:

Gama Bomb is a thrash metal band from Ireland, that was founded in 2002. They play speed / thrash metal, or as they themselves call it “Razor Metal”, or “New wave of Irish ripping metal”. The band members like to joke around a lot, so you can also notice their own sense of humor in the lyrics they write.
Nevertheless, the music they bring is of high quality and we can only advise you to go check ’em out!


Evile is a British thrash metal band formed in 2004, in the town of Huddersfield. The band was originally going to be called “Exile”, but since there were already many bands with that name, they decided to go for the name “Evile“.
Their debut album, Enter The Grave was released worldwide in 2007 and was beloved by fans and critics.

Evile‘s sound is influenced by bands like Exodus, Annihilator, Overkill, Megadeth, Testament, Pantera and Sepultura.
So far, Evile released four albums: Enter The Grave, Infected Nations, Five Serpent’s Teeth and Skull.

[tabby title=”Time schedule”]

16:00 – 16:30 HOPE ERODES (BE)
17:00 – 17:45 MALISM (BE)
18:15 – 19:15 THE BLACK TARTAN CLAN (BE)
19:45 – 20:45 SPOIL ENGINE (BE)
21:30 – 22:45 GAMA BOMB (IE)
23:30 – 01:00 EVILE (GB)

[tabby title=”Location”]

De Spiraal
Zakkaai 29
9500 Geraardsbergen