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On Friday October 14th and on Saturday October 15th 2016 there will be a new edition from the Evil or Die Festival in Roeselare, Belgium. The indoor event will take place on the address Acaciastraat 6, 8600 Roeselare.


On Friday you’ll get an evening of hardcore and metalcore riddled with breakdowns:
– Fallbrawl 23h50 – 00h…
Started in 2005, this band brings you heavy breakdowns / metalcore riffs, filled with violence and revenge. A band well known in the national and international scene. Pure mayhem for those who are contradictory.
– Surge Of Fury 22h50 – 23h30
Is a hardcore beatdown band started in 1997. This band stays committed to their own style for all these years. Expect aggression and vicious breakdowns that will leave bones broken.
– Stab 22h00 – 22h30
Presents influential beatdown/metalcore, started in 2006. Done 14 European tours in nine years. A fast-growing band in domination for the heavier violence show.
– Balboa 21h10 – 21h40
Formed in 2008, and is a brutal beatdown hardcore act. Done shows all over Europe with bands such as Nasty, First Blood, CDC, Hoods, Terror,… Created to convey anger.
– Headshot 20h20 – 20h50
Formed in 2006. They bring you rough hardcore influenced by metalcore that shows no mercy. 10 years of determination, stages are committed to their law, floors break through their strength. 100% MADNESS
– In Clover 19h30 – 20h00
Started in 2015, one can expect, a young band full of energy and the will for the rise. They bring you violent heavy beatdown riffs, and a brutal vocal range above it all.



On Saturday though, Evil or Die Fest explores the more metal side of the musical spectrum:
Legion of the Damned 23h40 – 00h…
They started in 2005 and emerged from the remnants of Occult, attacking the scene with pure brutally staged thrash metal. Legion Of The Damned have done worldwide tours with bands such as Kreator, Cannibal Corpse, Amon Amarth,… The band celebrates this year its 10th aniversary! Don’t miss this as it’s a one time surprise set! And for those who want to support the band afterwards, there will be new merch present at the event!
Spoil Engine  22h30 – 23h10
Formed in 2004, they stand for dynamically developing modern metal and hard work. They were present at many of the Belgian summer festivals and put down impressive sets every single time. By definition, SPOIL ENGINE is a punch in the face.
After All  21h20 – 22h00
Rose from the ashes of 1987, a combination of relentless trash metal and memorable vocal melodies. Over the years the band toured permanently all over Europe with bands such as Exodus, Destruction, Fear Factory, Overkill, Metal Church, Anthrax and Saxon.
Dyscordia 20h10 – 20h50
In the cradle of disarray born in 2010, strain of pure, unbridled progressive melodic metal with a high level of originality at its peak. The Dyscordian entity was relentlessly brought to the masses while supporting bands like Primal Fear, Testament, Alestorm, Iced Earth and many more. Align the strings of chaos.
Guilty As Charged 19h00 – 19h40
Formed in 2008, they bring you heavy metal with quality thrash riffs and also accessible for those who love power and speed metal. In their existence Guilty As Charged supported bands such as Helloween, Death Angel, Soulfly, Channel Zero and Pro Pain. Be sure to not miss this show cause they’ll be playing new songs at Evil or Die Fest!
The Curse of Millhaven 18h00 – 18h30
(new songs on Evil or Die Fest…)
Formed in 2012. What you can expect are drum blasts with quality melodic metal riffs and dark deep growls and screams. In their four years of existence they supported bands such as Misery Index, Vital Remains, Aborted, Dehuman and more. At this show they’ll play new songs, don’t miss it!
 Turbowarrior of Steel 17h00 – 17h30
Started in 2012. This band grew out to become a real party thrash kult band, with influences from 80’s thrash, crossover, hardcore and punk. TWOS will make you twist and raise your fist and fanatically bang your head.
Psychogeneration 16h00 – 16h30
(new songs on Evil or Die Fest…)
Started in 2007 and is an artistic music project based on a story about society’s abuse of power which result in a new breed of psychos. Brought in the form of symphonic doom metal, with the necessary frill/effects and skill at any song. A band that you must see and especially at Evil or Die Fest since they’ll bring some new material with them…
Lethal Injury 15h00 – 15h30
Started in 2015. What you can expect is pure thrash metal: hard, fast, and determined. From the beginning of their attendance Lethal Injury have been noticed by Anthrax to give support on one of the BIG FOUR’s gigs.


Tickets are on:
– Friday = €7 Presale – €10 at the doors // Doors open at 19h
– Saturday = €15 Presale – €20 at the doors // Doors open at 14h30
– Combi ticket = €20 Presale – €25 at the doors

For those about to rock and bang your head for 2 days, there will be a second stage on October 14th. Here you’ll get to enjoy metal and hard rock bands instead of the hardcore/metalcore they play at the “main” event. This second stage can be found @ De Verlichte Geest and the EOD in DVG (Evil or Die in De Verlichte Geest) tickets (presale and at the doors) will only be availabe there. Normal combi ticket prices apply.

Presale tickets available @ De Verlichte Geest, Key Music (Roeselare) Topdisc (Torhout) – Popcenter (Kortrijk) – Twilight (Oostende) and will get sold ’till Wednesday 12 October or ’till sold out. Or order online through moc.l1716164196iamto1716164196h@eid1716164196roliv1716164196e.ste1716164196kcit1716164196, online sales stop Monday 10 October.

PARKHOTEL: Special rate for the festival, hotel near train station / festival: eb.rh1716164196p@ofn1716164196i1716164196

For more information go have a look on their site or FB event:

See you there!