Why Rock In The City Kerava 2021 is a must if you’re in the neighborhood

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A lot of festivals are still struggling with these difficult times and the restrictions that come with it. In every European country several fests have had to throw in the towel again for this summer and set their sights on the summer of 2022. In Finland there are still a handful of festivals that are pushing through and are (for now) still planned to take place. Last year, the yearly summer festival tour Rock In The City had to give up on most of the cities they normally take over with their healthy offer of some of the best rock and metal has to offer, ending up with a measly 3 cities. But this year, even though they’re not going at it again in full force yet, they managed to ramp it up to 5 cities. Lappeenranta, Kerava, Joensuu, Jyväskylä and Pori can expect a rock invasion again, much to everyone’s delight. While every city has a very nice line-up, in this preview we’ll be focusing on the Kerava edition since our Finnish headquarters are situated in the capital area of Helsinki…

To start with why you should attend any of the Rock In The City stops if they come to a city near you: it looks like a very family-friendly and cozy celebration of all that is good during the festival summer. Good music, nice location, chill atmosphere, drinks and all that fun. Every single one settles down somewhere in the middle of one of Finland’s smaller cities for the neighborhood to enjoy. And already for the low price of 50€ for a single day or 90€ for both days at most locations, you can enjoy 6 quality bands each day, including a good night’s rest since you’ll be able to get back to your own bed if you happen to live in the neighborhood!

Now the Kerava edition itself… The line-up is filled with Finnish rock legends and some of the most beloved metal bands, and one band coming all the way from the UK!

On Friday, bands like the friendly rockers from Brother Firetribe and the industrial metal misfits of Turmion Kätilöt will already set the place pretty much on fire from early on, bringing it to a nice temperature for when Finnish rock legends Michael Monroe, Sami Yaffa & Linde Lindström take over the stage together. Followed by the beloved thrash outfit Mokoma and one of the most popular and longest running rock outfits in Finland with Eppu Normaali, before Sonata Arctica takes the stage for an epic closer!

Saturday starts off on a rather punky note with CMX and the legendary Klamydia destroying the stage. To then leave the rubble to the old school hard rock outfit Peer Günt, that you cheekily could call Finland’s Motörhead. Another beloved Finnish band, Kotiteollisuus, will ramp up things even more with their catchy blend of hard rock and heavy metal, before the one and only Uriah Heep will take over (hopefully they make it from the UK to Finland). I mean, how can’t you get excited to see one of the godfathers of hard rock and heavy metal to take the stage, even if it has been rather rare to see a non-Finnish band on a stage for the past year-and-a-half? And if that isn’t enough, the Saturday has its own epic closer with the ever impressive Amorphis!

If you’re still not convinced of this nice little event, I’m not sure what will… C’mon, just get those tickets already, will you?

Tickets for Rock In The City Kerava here: https://www.lippu.fi/en/artist/rock-in-the-city/rock-in-the-city-kerava-2639135/

If you’re too far out of the way, check out the other editions/locations and their line-up right here:

Get your tickets right here: https://www.lippu.fi/en/artist/rock-in-the-city/

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