Preview Groezrock 2017

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With only a few days to go (29-30/05) , Groezrock will kick off the festival season in Belgium. During the past years this festival grew from a small venue (cap.400 visitors) to an international punk/hardcore/emo/ska/rock festival with 40.000 visitors from everywhere in the world. I’m sure there is a band to like for everyone! The festival doors are open on Saturday at 10h00 and Sunday at 11h00.


This year there will be a lot of ‘newcomers’ playing. Names like He Is Legend, In Hearts Wake, Petrol Girls and Cocaine Piss are added to the line-up and will perform for the first time on the festival. Along with many others also Deftones is a first timer for Groezrock. They never repeat themselves and stay true to their artistic values. You can see them play at the mainstage on Saturday (midnight). Not a first timer is Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive. They will close the festival on Sunday (22h00). With their gift to entertain any audience I’m sure you will go sleep like a happy baby. You can find the complete line-up here.

Tight schedule? Download the timetable for Saturday & Sunday and get your markers ready.

Don’t forget to leave some time for a delicious meal, Groezrock joined forces with BBQ- team “Smoke on the wild side” from Leuven. They achieved 4th place at the Black Box BBQ championship. No need to carry around all your food. Still taking your own meat with you, you can get these baked/grilled/fried by professionals for only half a drink ticket.

You can also find Mom’s award winning catering team at this event for some great vegan good.


Need a nap after all the food or the long drive? Camping opens Friday 18h00 and closes Monday 12h00. Can’t sleep? Party around the clock at the 24h zone! No tent? Get one at the camping shop, you can even rent a power bank to recharge your mobile phone. Need comfort? Go for a flexotel , it’s a comfortable way to lodge during events. More info about the camping and other facilities to be found on the website.


From experience I know it can be cold at night around this time of the year. Don’t let it ruin your happiness, bring your most fancy onesie with you so you. No seriously, it’s a fashion contest sleepover party, get ready to catwalk, MEOW! Make sure you bring a windbreaker jacket, it’s perfect to wear with a sweater for the evenings. Check the weather before you leave, you never know if you need swimwear.


If you come by car you’ll have to pay €10 at the parking-site (opens Friday 18u00). It’s not allowed to set up your tent at the parking area or too sleep in your car. More info about getting there by train, motorcycle, plane, bus, parking space, can be found on the official Groezrock website here! A cool thing to download and print out is the driver-card: A card you can place on the back of your car to meet festival friends along the road.


  • Combi: € 110 / 130
  • Saturday: € 80 / 95
  • Sunday: € 70 / 85
  • Camping: € 15 / 20
  • Mobilhome: € 60 / 75


You can withdrawal cash from the KBC mobile branch located next to the festival entrance. Now you don’t have to leave all that awesome merchandising behind. They also have payconic this year. Very useful app, no need to run back to the ATM to get some cash for food or drink vouchers.

If you still need convincing, here’s the after movie of last year!

We’ll be represented, hope to see you there!