5 reasons why you should get to SteelHordes if you can

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Like for all bands and organizations, 2020 (and most of 2021, it seems) has been a ridiculous year for the guys behind the renowned Finnish underground metal festivals SteelFest and SteelChaos. Once it seemed like things were getting somewhat better and restrictions were getting eased off, they decided that they didn’t want to wait one bit longer than necessary and called the one-off SteelHordes summer festival into this world. We’re all for it, an extra “gathering of wolves from the underground” is something we welcome wholeheartedly. Though if that isn’t enough for you, here are 5 reasons why you really should try to make the trip to Hyvinkää, Finland and attend to SteelHordes 2021:

1. The line-up

As always the line-up consists of a list of impressive names, going from absolute underground (extreme) metal scene legends to Trve Kvlt misfits and young wolves hungry to show they are ready to take over. Most of the time a solid part of the line-up is filled with Finnish bands, but the Steelfest organization always manages to bring the most interesting international acts to their festival grounds as well. For the one-off SteelHordes event, they have gathered some of the best the Finnish underground scene has to offer with legendary black metal bands like Sargeist and Satanic Warmaster, Finnish death metal mastodons Torture Killer, and solid bands like Lie in Ruins, Perdition Winds, Morgal and Malum (with a brand new album released this year), topped off with an appearance by the German steam rollers of Destruction on the Friday!

2. The exclusive shows

Every event from the hands of the Steelfest organization has at least a couple of special and exclusive shows on the program to boast with. A couple that are easily to be picked out at the SteelHordes event, are on one hand the Bonehunter show, which is basically a release show on the exact day they release their next blistering blast of blackened speed metal with ‘Dark Blood Reincarnation System’. And on the other hand, on the Saturday we can catch a show by Chamber of Unlight, a Finnish black metal supergroup that will have released their first full-length ‘Realm of the Night’ just a week earlier. Also, besides their show on the on SteelTV broadcasted SteelChaos 2020, this will be the first “real” live show by Warmoon Lord, the embodiment of Finnish trve kvlt (and with a new album released only a couple of months ago)!

3. The atmosphere

For those who haven’t been to any of their events yet before, a “gathering of wolves from the underground” means a setting with quality live music from start to finish, a welcoming place for all walks of life and a feeling of coming home to your extended family. The security is incredibly friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed despite the rather dark tunes blasting from the speakers and there are tons of drink, food and merch options. And in normal circumstances, you’ll find most of the bands popping up on the festival terrain to meet up with friends, check out other bands’ shows and get their drinks on.

Mgla 20

4. The location

Their main event SteelFest takes place every year in the center of the city of Hyvinkää at the old wool mill buildings. Last year the first SteelChaos event (albeit online) took place at the same location after having to find a new location. And it seems that all the future possible spin-off events will be taking place at that exact same location, and thus so for SteelHordes. Which is absolutely perfect with plenty of space outside for a proper stage, some bars, seating areas, foodtrucks and merch stands. It’s also a mere 10 min slow walk away from the railway station which has trains arriving from Helsinki at regular intervals. How much more convenient can it be?

5. The (low amount of) damage

The price of their tickets have always been very reasonable, especially when you look at the quality they have to offer for it. You can get a 1-day ticket for the easy price of about 50€ and if you want to go wild and go for both days, a 2-day ticket will get about 70€ out of you. Knowing that the also the drink and food options are quite reasonably priced for an expensive country like Finland, what is holding you back still? And if you really want to burn through more money, you can be rest assured, there will be very interesting merch to be found there. Every year, besides the official festival shirt, you’ll find some exclusive band merch that you won’t find anywhere else. Better get ready to open that wallet up…

Tickets are still available at the moment right here.
For more information, go here.
And following the last news on the restrictions due to the pandemic, the SteelFest organization kept it short and simple:

“We are good to go.”

And we can hardly wait…

And if you really can’t make it to what shapes up to be a pretty cool event, you better make sure you get your tickets for SteelFest 2022. Which will be a 4 day (!!!) massive 10th anniversary event with almost 50 top bands from the underground metal music scene:

3- and 4-day tickets will be available late August, you won’t want to sit on this for too long!

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