Tips to do: Blowup Vol. 5

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The festival summer is over again and some people might feel a black hole that used to be filled up with good music, sun (or rain), beer and friends. Autumn is at the door and winter is approaching… so what now? We have a couple of tips for you to look into. Since we’re mostly active in Belgium and Finland at the moment, there might be more of a focus on events there but every single one deserves your attention for its uniqueness and greatness! First up: Blowup Vol. 5!

Last year we visited the Blowup festival the first time and were thoroughly impressed by the collection of artists, diversity and overall atmosphere that organization Blow Up That Gramophone brought to the table. For our report and photos of last year’s event go here: report & photo coverage. We called the festival a Finnish version of the renowned Dutch Roadburn festival and looking at the eclectic mix of genres, graphic artists and other activities surrounding the event, our opinion won’t change a bit.

What to expect

Spread over 3 days you’ll find a gathering of some of the best artists and bands from the underground music scene. Some up-and-coming artists like Louise Lemón, Celeste & Hide and some established and much valued bands like Cirith Ungol and Godflesh. Add to that some of the bands playing special shows at the festival only, like for instance Eyehategod doing 2 completely different shows on 2 days and you know you’re in for a unique experience.

Like mentioned before, Blowup festival pays attention to more than just musical artists. For this festival they have a nice list of national and international artists that each add a unique flavor to the already very tasty palate of the event:

A new addition to their already packed schedule this year, is a cooperation with local brewery Olarin Panimo where they besides making a special beer for the festival, also have organized a brewery tour including a performance by the Finnish artist Kaukolampi.

When and where

Blowup Vol. 5 will run for three days from Thursday, October 10 to Saturday, October 12 and just like last year, will take place at the Korjaamo venue in Helsinki, Finland. About a half an hour walk from the railway station or a mere 10 minutes by public transport. The center is located in an old tram hall which most definitely prove to be the perfect setting for several evenings of darkness.


All the 2- and 3-day tickets are sold out right now, but single day tickets are still available at Tiketti:


If you didn’t manage to get hold of a ticket, are not in the neighborhood at the time or just looking for more, Blow Up That Gramophone has a couple of really interesting events coming up still before the end of the year:

The first of 2 pre-parties to warm you up for the main event with the legendary Japanese band Church of Misery supported by the Finnish bands and Pussies at Kuudes Linja in Helsinki. For tickets go here:

The second pre-party, only a couple of days before the main event starts, with the Italian doom masters of Ufomammut with Norwegian Sâver and Icelandic Sólveig Matthildur at On The Rocks in center Helsinki. For tickets go here:

And after last year’s stellar performance at Blowup Vol. 4, the popular Belgian Amenra is going back to Helsinki with the support of E-L-R and Ylva. You really don’t wanna miss out on this, for tickets go here:

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