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What’s the idea? We will invade Tolmin with as many Belgian metalheads as possible!

MetalDays is a festival in Slovenia that lasts for a week and is situated next to a shiny blue glacier river between the mountains. A river with metalheads on inflated crocodiles, dolphins and flamingos, an awesome line-up and non-stop metal parties (at the beach), metal-karaoke, fire- and striptease shows, cheap food and drinks, great cocktails, amazing weather,… MetalDays really is a metal holiday that everybody has to experience. The festival will present you a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, with only 12 000 festivalgoers, perfect to forget about all worries and enjoy your most likely best holiday ever!



Click on the picture for the line-up and more info on the bands playing at Metaldays 2016.


The road towards MetalDays will lead you through the beautiful Alps and the MetalDays area is also part of the Julijske Alpe National Parks.

The festival is located at Sotocje, which lies inbetween the two mountain rivers called Tolminka and Soca. Therefore the festival offers us two “festival-owned” beaches, to cool down and chill throughout the day (and to party at night!). The river Soca is one of the cleanest in Europe. The festival is trying to work as much as possible in an ecologically acceptable way and in accordance with ecological guidelines e.g. separation of the waste and the usage of ecological toilet paper and towels wherever possible.


Mainstage : Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister Stage

Second Stage



In the case of great weather it’s nice to have a (dust)mask to cover your face from the dust. It can also be nice to put it under the water taps and get some refreshment on those hot summer metaldays.

Be sure to bring your swimming-wear and some water/surf-shoes. The beaches are covered with small stones so it will hurt your feet when you don’t wear something to cover them up.

You can bring a boat, mattresses, inflatable animals,… to enjoy your time on the Soca river even more! (Or to crowdsurf with at the second stage)


The food at MetalDays is really nice and there’s a great variety of stands. There are vegan and gluten free dishes so everyone can enjoy the festival food without worries. The pricing of the food is very fair, Slovenia still is a lot cheaper than the festivals in Belgium or in our neighborhood. There is free drinking water which will be provided all over the area. There are no plastic bottles allowed, so you have to buy a bottle at the bar first, that you can refill all the time and as often as you want at the water points. The drinks are good (but obviously don’t expect Belgian beer) and reasonably priced and there should be a special Beer bar somewhere along the campsite road. And at the beach bar you can enjoy some fresh cocktails!

To buy your own food: there are some supermarket in Tolmin, on about a 5-10 minute walk from the camping site. We’re sure you can find almost anything you would need, so it’s not really necessary to bring your own food from home (maybe just some good quality beers). You can also buy ice there, to keep your food/drinks cold.


MetalDays is running on cashless payment system – the MetalDays paycard. To top up this paycard you need to go to one of the stands and put CASH on it. So be sure to bring enough cash to put on your paycard, since bankcards won’t be accepted to do that. To get cash: there are ATM’s at the supermarkets in Tolmin, but there will be a queue for sure.


The Campsite opens on Friday, 22 July at 14:00h and closes on Saturday, 30 July at 18:00h.
Camping is for free from Sunday, but subject to possession of a valid festival-ticket!

You can arrive early, but you will need to pay a fee: from 22 July € 25,00, from 23 July € 15,00, from 23 July 23:59 (midnight) it will be free.

Camping & parking areas are divided in 2 different sections:

  1. parking & camping areas
  2. camping only

The camping is included in the ticketprice, parking tickets can be bought either in the MH SHOP or at the festival.

We from GRIMM provide a group camping for the people who will join our Belgian Invasion, you can find more info on the event page.


There are dixi-toilets and cold showers for free on the campsite. There are dixi-toilets on several places on the festival area too. There are hot showers too, but if you want to use those you’ll have to pay a shower-fee.


Opening times:
Friday, 22 July: 14:00 – 22:00
Saturday, 23 July: 08:00 – 22:00
Sunday, 24 July – Friday, 29 July: 08:00 – 02:00
Saturday, 30 July: 08:00 – 15:00


Running clean water for drinking is provided all over the festival area free of charge.


Opening times: 
Friday, 22 July: 14:00 – midnight
Saturday, 23 July – Friday 29 July: 08:00AM – midnight
Saturday, 30 July: 08:00 – 15:00


At the festival area it is prohibited to bring: cans, bottles, hard drugs, objects that can be used as projectiles, knifes, and of course any kind of weapons and other objects that can be used as such. Leave those things at home; you won’t be able – in any case – to get into the festival area with them! Of course, you are allowed to bring your cutlery to the Camp Site, but not to the Stage Site! Same goes for glass containers or bottles.


MetalDays works really hard to keep the festival area and the surroundings clean! Use the garbage bins that will be placed throughout the festival area and take note of the marked recycle bins.

Garbage deposit:

Get your wristband with your payment card at the office
Pay your deposit there or you’ll get no wristband
Deposit is deducted from your paycard
Return your full garbage bags all the time during the festival
Get your money back


Starting this year you can order a “Real Marjan” upgrade, which includes some mandatory fees and a lot of convenient extra’s.
You save €25 and get unlimited phone charging. There will be €20 on your paycard already which allows you to get your first drinks a lot easier!
Check it out at the metaldays website.



You can buy your tickets, parking tickets and other METALDAYS merchandise in the online shop.
JOIN US! Order your tickets at the festivalexplorers website.

Metaldays 2016 takes place from the 24th till 30th of june 2016 in Tolmin, Slovenia.
For more information check out their website and facebookpage.
Join the official facebook-event and the event of GRIMM’s own Belgian Invasion.