Why you should go to Obscene Extreme Fest 2021

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Festival life has been lying dormant for the past year and a half and I’m utterly sick of it. It’s high time big outdoor musical events took place again. What’s that? They are? And Czech Republic is first on the list of a few possibilities? You’re not talking about… Could it be? Why, it’s true! Obscene Extreme Fest 2021 is actually happening. Can it be possible that a grindcore festival would be one of the first to give us hope for the future of culture? At least in Europe it will.

Main info

Look, do I really need to explain why you should go to one of the few European festivals allowed this Summer? Well, just in case you’re still hesitant, allow me to warm you up a little. For years Obscene Extreme Fest has been the craziest, freakiest and heaviest extreme music festival out there. I can hardly think of any other that would top it on that regard. Each year grindcore/punk enthousiasts from all around the globe are drawn to its open-minded friendly party atmosphere. They had an edition planned for 2020 but as you know, it wasn’t to be. But this year they somehow managed to put festivities together, despite losing many of the initially scheduled artists. What can you expect, then? Well, the usual slice of grindcore, with a solid side of punk and death metal, with some mandatory and probably unforgettable freak shows thrown in the mix, all served next weekend on July 16 – 17 – 18.

Line up

The original line-up as planned for 2020 was just incredible. Unfortunately yet understandably, many international bands – US bands mainly – had to be scrapped due to sanitary and travel restrictions still being very strict and sometimes very different depending on the country. This basically makes touring impossible for mainland and overseas bands alike. Still, I gotta say Obscene Extreme managed to put together a pretty impressive poster.

The pandemic being what it is, the Czech festival unsurprisingly boasts a very local line-up. A few of these artists, such as Needful Things, Gride, Lycanthrophy, and Spasm are among my favourite grindcore bands. Coincidentally, the latter will be releasing their album on the 15th. Let’s hope they’ll promote it at the festival.

Neighbouring Poland joins the party as they’ve sent many a representative down South. Along for the wild ride are, among others, grind legends Schismopathic, deathgrinders Putrid Evil and the almighty blackened death metal heroes of Hate.

Europe’s German-speaking community have also sent their envoys. Germany’s got some strong metal ambassadors in Yacopsae and Endseeker, while Austria’s providing the crazy crossover party gang Insanity Alert and the main headliner Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench.

Our very own Schizophrenia and The Netherlands’ God Dethroned will be representing the Benelux. Though we are few, our contributions won’t be small. I am really looking forward to the latter’s new songs as I really enjoyed their 2020 record, ‘Illuminati‘.

For the complete line up check the poster or go here. Timetable is available here.


Ticket prices for OEF 2021 are a bloody bargain. Though you should be aware that only combi passes are available. These are going for 57,00 EUR. And in case you’re going by car, don’t forget to grab one of those parking tickets as well. For 12,00 EUR your car will be parked safely during the entire festival.

For the younger grinders among us, OEF offers tickets at a discount price of 400 CZK (15,63 EUR) for anyone between 14 and 19 years of age. You can book it by sending an email to zc.em1713204785ertxe1713204785enecs1713204785bo@tc1713204785atnoc1713204785. These tickets are only sold at the festival entrance upon presentation of identification (passport or ID). Attendees below 14 years of age may enter the festival site for free.

Should the festival get cancelled, OEF will refund tickets.

Tickets will be sent to you by e-mail in electronic form immediately after payment. They do not need to be printed. At the entrance of the festival ground just show the ticket (PDF / barcode) on your mobile phone.


Since this is a festival, you can of course expect to be staying in tents on the camping grounds. There’s no extra charge for this. And if you’re going there by car, no stress. You can put up you tent right next to your car. Don’t forget to buy a parking ticket, as mentioned above though.

If you’re not feeling the campsite ambiance and you’d like something more comfy, OEF has got a list as long as my arm of all accommodation options in the area around the festival. Check it out here.

Be sure to check out the ground plan so you don’t get lost.


OEF takes place each year in Trutnov, a small city in the North of the Czech Republic.

The most important means of transportation to get to Trutnov are by air, train/bus or car/taxi. Details below.

By air

There are several airports you can land in before taking public or private transportation to the festival site. The map below will make it easier for you to pick and choose your destination:

From any of these airports, it is possible to make it to Trutnov. Travel details here.

By bus/train

Trains are apparently the better option but busses will also take you to where you need to be. Full travel and booking info here.

By car/taxi

If you’re going by car, keep in mind that since 2006 the Czech Republic applied new laws about road transport. Police check everything and everywhere, mainly your car lights, seat belts and speed (max. 50 km/h in city/village, 90 km/h on standard roads, and 130 km/h on highways). And I’m sure I don’t need to remind your never to drink alcohol before you drive.

Important: if you are going to use motorway or highway, you have to buy a vignette for 200CZK = €6.66 (15 days validity).

You can search for your own way (use www.mappy.com for example). The address of the festival area is the following:

Festival area Na Bojisti
Královédvorská ul. /street/
541 01 Trutnov
Czech republic

Once in TRUTNOV follow signs HRADEC KRALOVE… or the OEF signs that will be on all important crossways.

If you’re planning on booking a taxi, OEF advises using the following company: DotaxiGo, www.dotaxigo.cz, telephone +420 777 00 00 10.

Okay, that about wraps up the need to know information. Now what I’ve covered here is the most important bit of info you’ll need. But much more details are available on the Obscene Extreme Fest website. See you there!

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