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Tuska, one of Helsinki’s longest running metal and rock festivals, has been a permanent mark in our calendars since 2016, and it seems like every year things are getting better still. For those who are looking to visit one of the greatest fests of the capital of metal, Finland, here is a bit of information about the festival and things surrounding the event:

Name : Tuska
Country : Finland
Amount of Days : 3
Outdoors / Indoors : Outdoors & Indoors
Amount of Stages : 4
Genres : Alternative Metal, Avant-garde Metal, Extreme metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Doom Metal, Folk Metal, Gothic Metal, Groove Metal, Heavy Metal, Metalcore, Deathcore, Modern Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal, Hardcore, Acoustic, Folk, Hard Rock

The Bands

As is the case every edition of Tuska, you can find a great gathering of big names, up-and-coming talents, and some underground, or even left field choices, both domestic and foreign. They know how to pick their bands, and know how to pick some of the most exciting acts out, sometimes surprising even with how high they place certain bands before anyone else really picks up on them in such a major way.

Highlights to us this year are the mainstage headline shows of Gojira, VV (Ville Valo solo project), and Ghost, but also things like Jinjer finally getting the chance to rip up the main stage, a classic Deep Purple set by Glenn Hughes, Slipknot offspring misfits of Vended, US firsts with Motionless In White, Butcher Babies and Lorna Shore, the big party that will take place in the tent on Sunday with Electric Callboy, and some of the “different” choices of this year like the synthwave of Dance With The Dead, the darkwave/EBM Finns of Miseria Ultima, and the mesmerizing voice of A.A. Williams.

And that’s only a small grab of all the goodies you can discover on this year’s line-up.

The Timing

Tuska takes place every year at the end of June or beginning of July, this time starting on Friday, June 30th and wrapping up on Sunday, July 2nd.

The gates open about half an hour to an hour before the first band starts, and close about an hour after the last notes came out of the amplifiers of the main headliner. More concretely, this means:

  • Friday 30/06/2023: Gates open 14.00 (first band at 14.30) – gates close at 01:00 (last band ends at midnight)
  • Saturday 01/07/2023: Gates open 13.00 (first band at 13.30) – gates close at 01.00 (last band ends just before midnight)
  • Sunday 02/07/2023: Gates open 15.00 (first band at 16.00) – gates close at midnight (last band ends at 23.00)

Check the more detailed timetable to start planning what bands you want to see, the tough choices you need to make and when to maybe eat something right here (or through the link here):

The Grounds

The festival grounds look very similar to last year’s setup, with the 4 stages (Radio Rock Main Stage, Tent Stage, Inferno Stage, and Tuska KVLT Stage), for which we’re all too happy since the overall flow of the festival seemed to be working really well despite plenty of visitors. The Radio Rock main stage got a bit more of an angle to it compared to what it was last year, and the Tuska Expo has moved to a different building, this time at the back of the food court. But especially that change we’re really looking forward to discovering, because the old location of the Tuska Expo had become a tad too small (and ridiculously hot, like a badly heated sauna). Hopefully, a bit more room and maybe even some more vendors or stands will make this part of the festival an even nicer experience than it already was!

This is the way

Tuska Festival area is located on the traditional Suvilahti event field, which you can reach from Helsinki center through public transport with maybe about 10 minutes of travelling.

The festival entrance is near shopping center Redi, which is also where you’ll get to exchange your tickets for a wristband, following the indicators within the mall. Make sure you follow them properly, because this shopping mall is known to be somewhat of a disorienting maze.

The best way to arrive to Tuska is by public transport: closest metro stop is Kalasatama, at shopping center Redi.
The metro will run 1 hour longer than usual on Friday 30.6. and Saturday 1.7. On Sunday 3.7. the metro service operates longer than usual as well.

The Stay

Since the festival grounds are maybe 10 min away by metro from Helsinki center, a hotel or Air bnb is a solid option. Hotel & ticket bundles are available via Elämys until 16.6. More info from this link: Elämys / Tuska 2023

There is a camping, not affiliated or organized by Tuska, closest camping area is Rastila, by the metro stop of the same name.

Grub and Booze

Every year, Tuska has an impressive selection of foods, almost all gathered in the dedicated “food court”, and it goes way beyond the traditional festival grub like kebab, makkaraperunat (fries with sausage and sauces) or burgers (of which Tuska has its own version that is absolutely great). You can count on a wide range of different food trucks bringing almost anything you can think of with BBQ, steam buns, Moroccan street food, ramen, loaded fries, tacos, Thai food,… And even vegans have plenty of choices! Check out the full list:

  1. BangBang BBQ: The acclaimed BangBang BBQ delivers skillfully smoked genuine bbq food which is truly worth it. Here you’ll definitely get your stomach full in between bands.
  2. Bunit: From Bunit street food kiosk you can grab yourself steam buns that will truly make your mouth water. The soft buns are filled with crispy chicken, yuzu mayonnaise, cabbage and more. Vegan option also available. If you’re really hungry, get yourself a side order of spicy kimchi fries.
  3. Casa Moro: Moroccan street food with a modern twist! Casa Moro’s food is a mixture of meal memories of family-style cooking and street food vendors of Marrakesh, Casablanca and Fès. These flavours and local ingredients create a unique twist that in Casa Moro they call the Morocnavian phenomenon. Plenty of vegetarian and vegan options will be on the menu.
  4. Fat Ramen: Helsinki’s first ramen-focused noodle restaurant arrives to Tuska for the first time! Well-known for their Japanese noodle soups, Fat Ramen’s festival menu is completely vegan and includes the restaurant’s most desired dishes: Jalotofu ramen and Korokke Bao buns. There will also be a lighter gluten-free korokke salad and refreshing iced tea on the list.
  5. Feastie Boys: Feastie Boys creates delicious portions of loaded fries that will definitely fill your stomach. This you just simply cannot miss.
  6. Haapasalon Hatsapuri: This is a food experience you don’t want to miss! The filling Georgian hatsapuris and new pizzapuris will truly make your mouth water. On the menu you’ll find the traditional cheese hatsapuris as well as meat, vegetarian and gluten-free options.
  7. Naughty BRGR – Pups Hot Dogs & Fries: TV stars Akseli Herlevi and Ossi Lahtinen have toured around the world collecting the best hot dog flavours, ideas and classics, and now present their own special versions of them. At Tuska you’ll be able to taste their new Pups Hot Dogs among the first people in the world. F. ex. Chili Dogs, Pups Special, Korean Dogs and Salt & Vinegar Fries will be on the menu so come give your review of the novelties.
  8. Papa’s Smokery BBQ: These smoked BBQ delicacies will fire up your taste buds. On their menu you’ll find burgers, pulled pork and chicken, traditional festival foods and filling vegetarian options.
  9. Seksico Tacos: Seksico Tacos is well-known for their popular restaurants in Helsinki and Espoo, but also for their Seksico® Chili Sauces that have already become classics.
  10. Sourdough Pizza Crew: Sourdough Pizza Crew was born from the love of high-quality ingredients, season’s best flavours and slow baked sourdough. Delicious pizzadogs are this year filled with local fish kebab, BBQ pork belly, chili marinated scampis or with eggplant and asparagus.
  11. Thai Papaya: Taste and quality are the first priorities at Thai Papaya as the restaurant’s ideology is all about best ingredients and genuine Thai flavours, prepared by a chef specialized in Thai food.
  12. Treffi Pub & Bistro: One of Helsinki’s true classic restaurants offers their best to the Tuska crowds: grilled vegetarian and meat burgers and great service. All the burgers are available as gluten-free and dairy-free versions.

And then we haven’t talked about the already classic “Black Dining“, Tuska’s own restaurant at Oranssi’s premises where the dark and atmospheric setting meets top quality ingredients and delicious flavours in a unique way. The seats to Black Dining have been sold out in advance for years, so we do recommend booking your table in time before the festival.

And then the drinks! Also here you can expect a lot of different options. Besides plenty of free water points where you can fill a bottle with water, the bars scattered around the festival grounds bring you of course the typical beers, ciders and longdrinks, but also a variety of whiskies, gins, rums (with an option to get a bucket sized cocktail to carry around), the first time appearance of Rockstar Energy drinks for those who need a boost at some point and the by now legendary “Camp-pain” concept where you can find champagne and other tasty wines! Plenty to discover and try out!

Damage and Tickets

    Friday ticket: €129

    Sunday ticket: €129

    2-day ticket: €169

    3-day ticket: €209

Tickets: Click Here

Good To Know

  1. Age limit: Age limit for Tuska 2023 is 18 years for all customers. Be prepared to present identification.
  2. Tuska Forum: Every year there is an offering of panels and other interesting happenings at the Tuska Forum, for those who’d like to wind down a little bit or are interested to hear more in-depth about the music industry from professionals. The offering for this will be released soon.
  3. Art: Tuska wants to highlight more than just the thriving music scene of Finland, and offers a platform for many interesting artists going from body art to sculpting to graffiti. Of which you’ll actually be able to buy some pieces if you’re looking to spend some money on those kind of things.
  4. Tiny-Tuska: Since 2019, Tuska is a K-18 event, but they want to keep the younger generations engaged and ensure the future of the heavy metal scene. So children (0-12 years) are welcome to Tuska with an adult with a valid ticket on Sunday 2.7. between 15:00-18:30 to feel the festival atmosphere.
  5. Tuska Expo: As mentioned earlier, it seems that Tuska has expanded this part of the experience by holding it in a bigger location, bringing more vendors and stands than ever, with AIONI (an esoteric bookshop and antiquarian), Beard Park (barbershop), Bard & Jester (leather goods and designs), Ice Breakers For Vikings (drinking game), Totentanz (stylish black attire with attitude), Kaamos Co. (corpse paint themed goods including vegan soaps and skin care masks), Impossible Bodyart (tattoos, body piercing, corpse paints, body jewelry), Paskakauppa (“Shit Shop” boutique offering all kinds of lovely shit), Annananna (candy store), TDP Clothing (tattoo inspired streetwear), Metalheads Against Bullying and the side event “Pakanalliset Syysmessut Goes Tuska” with pagan and Nordic folklore and mythology products and activities.
  6. Accessibility: Customers who are justified to a personal assistant can have one person assisting them. Personal assistants do not need to buy a ticket to access the festival area. The assistant does not have to be the same person on every day of the festival. There are viewing platforms near the mixing desks of the stages. Suvilahti event field is made as accessible as possible.
  7. Security check: The festival security personnel will perform a security check at the gate, which also includes a physical check according to the instructions, taking sensitivity into account. The agelimit to the festival is 18 years. Please be prepared to present your ID, security will check ID’s when entering the festival area.
  8. Cloakroom: You can leave your belongings in the cloakroom by the festival gate, after the security check. The cloakroom fee is 3,50€. Please note that huge backpacks or other large items can not be stored at cloakroom. Those items can be left at the Helsinki railway station storage.
  9. Prohibited items: Bringing your own alcohol beverages to the festival area is strictly prohibited. Bag check will be in effect upon entering the festival. You can bring one (1) transparent and empty plastic bottle per customer. Max. size 1,5 litres. Security personnel is allowed to forbid any “suspicious” bottles and ask to leave those to the cloakroom.Please note safety with accessories (especially extremely studded bracelets etc.) and clothing.Professional camera equipment, all recorders, cans, bottles, umbrellas, disposable grills and all things that can be considered dangerous are strictly prohibited, at the security personnel’s discretion. It’s not allowed to bring animals to the festival area.
  10. Fold out chairs: Fold out chairs are permitted in the festival area, but not in front of the stages or other highly crowded areas.
  11. Cameras & Recording: Professional photo equipment requires press accreditation. Press accreditation & photo passes will be granted for media personnel only, not private customers. Pocket cameras & cell phone cameras are allowed. All video cameras and other recording equipment are strictly prohibited.
  12. Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in immediate proximity of all stages, in tents, under covers, indoors stage and queuing areas. Please respect others when smoking.
  13. Tuska app: Tuska has a really handy mobile app where you can find all the information you’d possibly need, going from the schedule (with the ability to set notifications for the bands you don’t want to miss), to the available services, to the festival map. Get it now for iOS here or Android here.
  14. Alepa festival store: As every year, there is the Alepa festival store at the festival area that sells groceries and other festival supplies at an affordable price. Be warned: there might be quite the waiting line at some points of the day.
  15. Deposit system & Recycling: Please note that in Finland all bottles are recycled. The festival has its own bottle recycling system, please do not trash empty bottles, place them in appropriate containers. Also, please sort your trash in appropriate containers.
  16. Payment: They accept credit & debit cards and mobile payment, except Mobile Pay. Note! No cash!

The Preparties

No huge events to get warmed up for the festival weekend, but if you’re really looking for a place to go and already meet up with old or new friends to knock over a couple of drinks and get things going, Praha is the place to be on Thursday! A bar that is known to play mostly heavy metal and rock music, and is to be found at walking distance from the central station in Helsinki! A DJ will be playing some of the finest tunes of the metal scene between 4 pm and 5 am for all the restless souls they can get in front of them.

The Afterparties

Since the last bands already wrap up their shows by midnight (or even by 11 PM on Sunday), there are a bunch of options in the center of Helsinki at different bars to continue the festivities, going from cover bands, to DJ sets from well-known people in the metal scene, to live shows of Finnish bands that this year missed out on being on the official Tuska line-up. An overview:

  • Lepakkomies
    • Fri 30.6.2023
      Kill With Cover – The Ultimate Manowar Tribute
      + after the show Club Cascade • 80’s discoAdvance tickets with Tuska wristband: 10 € (+3 € service fee)
      Advance tickets: 13 € (+3 € service fee)
      Tickets from the door: 15 € (+3 € service fee)
    • Sun 2.7.2023
      Trashdisco vol. 52
      Advance tickets with Tuska wristband: 6,66 € (including service fee)
      Tickets from the door: 7 € + 3 € service fee
  • On The Rocks:
  • Praha: Friday through Sunday a DJ plays some nice tunes from 2 pm till 5 am

We’re really looking forward to yet another amazing edition of Tuska, and hope to see you there! If you see our GRIMM logo popping up anywhere, don’t be afraid to come and say hi!

In the meantime, get in the Tuska festival mood by checking out last year’s reports and pictures here, and our dedicated Spotify and YouTube playlists!

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