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Once a year, the otherwise oh so quiet fields of Ypres are shaken up by roughly 10.000 people from all over the world. While Ypres is used to the international attention, this time it’s for a very different reason. For three whole days punk and hardcore reigns the fields and they will make sure they have been heard. Bands such as Sick Of It All, H2O and Agnostic Front, to name a few, are more than ready to mount the stage and give it their all. For the 24th time Republyk Vort’n Vis and Genet Records join forces to deliver us Ieperfest 2016.


Hardcore punk bands like Negative Approach, Sick Of It All, Terror, H2O and many more will give you plenty to listen to. But don’t let the name of the festival mislead you. It offers more than hardcore; from the droney black doom metal of Alkerdeel to the highly energetic digital hardcore of Atari Teenage Riot to turbo thrash metal of Turbowarrior Of Steel. You name it, Ieperfest has it. Spread over three days and three stages more than 60 bands will fill the skies with their musical delight.


The once ravaged town of Ypres is now host of one of the biggest hardcore punk festivals in Europe. For those who plan to stay longer than just the festival period will have plenty to visit in the city center and outskirts. From the Flanders Fields Museum to the countless graves of soldiers from World War One, Landmarks all over the place.

It is located close to the French border at roughly 40km from Lille, 60km from Bruges and 80km from Ghent.


The camping site opens Friday 12th of August at 9am. The parking site opens the same day at 8am. The parking site closes on Monday 15th of August at 12pm. This year there is no pre-fest so there is no use in coming one day sooner just to get the best spot on the camping site.

As usual glass, sharp objects, weapons and open fires are forbidden. Party tents or tents that are not used for sleeping are forbidden as well. Do make sure to bring along a healthy dose of common sense and respect and this festival just might go as smooth as silk.

There are toilets and showers present on the camping site. The showers are available from 8am untill 22pm. And just in case you have forgotten your soap, Ieperfest teams up with LUSH to hand out free (yes you read that right) vegan, 100% biodegradable soap.


Ieperfest deservingly prides itself in being one of the, if not the greenest festival. When the dust settles after all the people have left the camping it is a more than common site to see the entire place littered with rubbish. The people behind Ieperfest try their best to prevent this scenario from happening. By simply handing out garbage bags which can then later on be dumped at the bins. Ieperfest also encourages people to sort your rubbish. There will be seperate bins for PMD, paper & cardboard, organic waste and the non recyclables. Recycling is key at Ieperfest. Sounds easy doesn’t it? After all, a little effort goes a long way.


We all know we need to eat our veggies, we’ve all heard it often enough. But so does Ieperfest. All the food is 100% vegan. No meat, no dairy and no sweats, only ripe vegetables, fresh fruit and whole wheat! With organic products from local and fair-trade providers and even their very own garden they make sure you stay well fed, healthy and full of energy.

After a nice meal we all long for a drink and if you’re not in the mood for beer, there’s free tap water to be found at the Waterbar.


The festival offers four stages. Three of which hosts bands, the fourth one being the More Than Music tent. This tent offers a wide variety of activities to attend. Ranging from workshops, presentations, debates, vegan talk and much more. Besides that you will also find plenty of NGO-stands, a book fair, an Oxfam Fairtrade bar and a Vegan Snack Shop.

Let the stage speak for itself and if you have no band to attend make sure to swing by. This is the place to listen, discuss and debate. Check it out!

Can’t wait?

The date is coming closer and closer! August 12th-14th, be there or be square. See you in the pit!


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