News Posts

Hardcore outfit Kublai Khan TX released the anthem ‘Swan Song’ featuring guest vocals from Terror frontman Scott Vogel!

Out of nowhere, the hardcore titans of Terror throw an EP into the world with several previously unreleased tracks! Check it out!

The thrashers of Insanity Alert are serving you a fat “moshburger” at a venue near you soon as support for Hatebreed, Madball & Terror at the Persistence Tour 2018!

First names made public for Ieperfest 2017!

Photo Reports

The Black Dahlia Murder is touring the US right now, and we were lucky enough to catch them, and Terror, at The Neptune Theater in Seattle last week for what turned out being a very memorable night!

Album Reviews

A very energetic and fast hardcore album with re-recordings of some of Terror’s classics that will kickstart a hardcore party.

Gig Reports

We went have our eardrums kicked out at EMP Persistence Tour and we didn’t regret it!
Aggression and respect go hand in hand, hardcore as it should be.


The festivals are greener on the other side.