Festival Reports

Steelfest XI was the first time to be a full 3-day event, and the first day was killer with bands like Coraxul, Azazel, Nattverd, Utuk Xul, Hail Conjurer, Nocturnal Sorcery, Sacrilegious Impalement, Loits, The Committee, Pest, Horna, Deströyer 666 and Marduk!

Photo Reports

On Ascension day, Steelfest XI brought a great collection of stellar underground bands to the festival’s indoor stage with Coraxul, Nattverd, Hail Conjurer, Sacrilegious Impalement, The Committee, Horna and Marduk on the first day of the 3-day fest!


In about 3 weeks, the eleventh edition of Steelfest will take place in Hyvinkää, Finland and they have yet again a very impressive line-up at this 3-day celebration of the underground!